Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Went for A Ride and Potato Bowls

Hey to all. It's been so hot here, going for a walk is miserable. Mom felt sorry for us and took us for a ride in the HuskyMobile. Of course she had to cover the seats with towels to keep our fluff from attaching it self to the seats (it does not help, but if she thinks it does, then okay).
What was a surprise it was that we actually had a good ride. We didn't get tangled up and we behaved. (Missy told me that if we were good, this could be a daily thing, so we were on our best behavior).
As a treat when we got back, we got to clean the potato bowls. She made creamed potatoes, and then puts them in these bowls and puts cheese on top and then broils them to get crispy tops. Missy and I got to clean the bowls. Do you'all get to clean the bowls? They went in the dishwashwer after, and besides, we're family.
Look at how Missy holds her bowl with her paw. Mine kept moving around, but I still cleaned it good.

Hope all of you have a Happy Day. MayaMarie


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Yummy, yummy! I thought you were going to say potato bowl from KFC. I have seen those on TV. I should have known better though. You live with a gourmet cook!


Kapp pack said...

I get to clean ice cream bowls as long as it's not chocolate. Kelsey got to go with mom to work today so she got a car ride. No FAIR!


Lorenza said...

Hi, MayaMarie.
I like car rides too!
I know the towels on the seats don't work! I don't shed a lot but I always left my fur on the seats!
The only bowl I get to clean is my food bowl! And that is not fair!
I like your pictures!
Have a nice day

Katherine and Pippa said...

Those are beautiful photos of you. You have lovely blue eyes.

Do you have A/C in your HuskyMobile? I do not have it in my Landy, but I have nice windows and a fibreglass roof. That keeps it cool. Would you like to come for a drive?

Sometimes - but not often - mistress lets me lick the plates. I do not need to use my paw, but Prince my GSD friend, used to do the same as Missy. Missy also looks beautiful in the photos.

Ruffs Pippa x

Khady Lynn said...

Car rides are fun! Our human uses a sheet to cover the seat, it works much better than towels, and covers it much better!

Potato bowls sound great! We never get to clean bowls. You are very lucky!


Anonymous said...

Ha roo MayaMarie (& Missy). I am sure those potato bowls were good! Why do the humans let us clean the bowls then put them in the dishwasher? Oh, and yes, my human puts sheets on the seats in the Siberian Utility Vehicle but I still get fur everywhere, ha roo!

Anonymous said...

Oh - we have a 05 jeep and the fabric in that car holds my fur SOOOO good. Mom has even been out there with a tape roller too! Tell your mom to spray down the seats and ceiling with static guard. It helps the fur not stick sooo tight. My mom also bought seat covers off of ebay (much cheaper that way) and put them over the dark grey fabric!


Princess Eva and Brice said...

Hey MayaMarie,
If Momma is cooking we get to lick the bowls too! We have her pretty well trained.

Belly rubs,
Tasha & Eva

Sasha said...

I got to go for a car ride last week. I'm going to have to talk them into taking me somewhere this weekend.

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

I like to help clean the dishes. I've been really helpful lately by standing up and cleaning the dishes on the counter!