Monday, March 17, 2008

Bella's Home

Hello My Furry Friends. Bella is home. Mom and dad went and picked her up yesterday. The vet said all went well and she was so quite they could not believe a husky was this quite. Well, as soon as she saw mom and dad she was so excited they could not keep her still.
Here she is showing off her tummy. I have one complaint. She does not have to wear that plastic collar thing. How fair is that? Look are her, she got her collar back on and she's smiling. I had to wear that thing for what seemed like forever. I gotta talk with the vet when I see him. This is so not fair.
Well, we have to be separated for the week. The vet actually thinks Bella is gonna lay still and be confined to her crate? Oh but no. I have the doggy room with my sofa and window and Bella is in the kitchen. And she will not stay still. So we will just have to visit at the gate until the weekend. Let's see who lasts longer with this set up, us or mom.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

Friday, March 14, 2008

After Dinner Treats and Bella is at Surgery

Hello My Furry Friends! We hope all of you are being good and still sharing your fluffliness with your household. We wanted to share our after treat time. This is what we do while mom is finishing in the kitchen after dinner. We wait patiently by the counter.
Of course Missy has to be a show off and do these sorts of things us huskies will not do for treats. She is quite the showoff.
What are waiting for you ask? Every night after dinner mom makes cappucino (decaf) for her and dad and they get a cookie each. And we get a cookie too with just a touch of the fluffy milk. Mom makes her fluffly milk with this lactose free soy milk. When we hear that thing fluffing the milk, we woo and run and jump.
Now here I am after our treat telling Bella about this surgery thing (it was time for her to be fixed.) I tried telling her not to be scared and that the doctor was gonna fix something that really was not broken, but she was not paying attention.
It's very quite today without my little friend. I didn't want to eat and I've been looking for her. Mom said she will be back Sunday, but I miss her.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie
Note from mom: It is too quiet. MayaMarie is not interested in eathing, just looking for Bella, and Missy is at the front door waiting. We brought her last night with her food and treats. She is supposed to come home on Sunday, so we'll update later.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Window Pups

Hello My Furry Friends! We are still sharing our fluff with the house. The air conditioner vent was a sight to see.

Me and Bella were playing with our tomato and carrot toys. They make this weird noise when we shake them. We both realized that all this sunshine coming thru the window was really nice.
So we decided to look outside. I'm teaching Bella the art of the window. This is the front view.
Of course, mom thinks this view is soooo cute because of our tails. Well of course it is!
Bella still does not sit in the window like I do. But I'm trying to teach her. We did have fun.

I hope all of you pups are making sure there is fluff everywhere. We even succeeded in getting it in the dishwasher. At least it's nice and clean with the dishes. What more does she want?
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The New Fluff Picking Up Machine

Hello My Furry Friends! Well, the little old cannister vacuum finally died a swift death, mom says "smothered by fluff." Well, it had to go. Don't you agree?

So what does she do, she asks her SiberMal Buddies what they are using in their homes to pick up fluff. And let me tell you, you pups have got to get hold of the keyboards and intercept these communications. Now I'm not naming names, but somebody's mom said to get a purple animal? A Dyson? Oh but no. Have you seen that thing. It's pure evil. Then somepuppies mom has more than one of these machines and she uses them all over their house. Oh my gosh, that was just too much for me. I was overcome with wooing...... And they wonder why we spread our fluff.

So what did we get? Of course, our mom has to look up these fluff picking up machines on the internet, and compare them. She even printed stuff out. Dad saw these papers and I guess he figured he had to make good as he really messed up for her birthday last month, first he forgot it, then he got her something really lame (some kind of radio thing that was supposed to pick up bad weather and police reports, that didn't work... she never even mentioned such a thing, so what in the wooo was he thinking?).

Okay, so he went to Home Depot to get some guy stuff and this is what he came home with for mom. It's a Bissell. Me and Bella were looking it over and it says something about pet hair. So this is what he got mom for her birthday. For some reason, she is happy with this gift. Now I don't know about you pups, but I don't consider this a gift.
He said it was in the right price range, because he also got her this pretty little ring. Can you see it on the puppy on the window sill? Not a great picture, huh? As you can see, she has little husky pups in the window for each of us. I'll get her to take a better picture and tell about them.
Okay, here's a better one. It's on the pup's ear. It's a ephany platinum diamonique with husky blue stones. Dad actually picked that out too on some store on tv. The pretty swan is from our gramdma in Green Bay for mom's birthday. It looks pretty in the sunlight. In case you are wondering, the little things on the shelf in front of the white pup are Bella's baby teeth that mom has been finding on the floor. She actually is picking them up and saving them.
So now, back to this fluff picking up machine. She had try it out, and Missy has to show off. She likes these machines. She layed on the floor and did this ruff ruff for mom to vacuum her. I am so embarrased. This is just not right, not at all. Look at her smile.
Do you see this tool? It's a special attachment for picking up pet hair. And look at the name on it. It's a Turbo Brush! Turbo ( do you get royalties for this? Did you know about this? You have to do something about this. Your name is on a vacuum attachment!!!!! On my dogness, I am just so overwhelmed........Wooo.
Then, mom goes to the Bissell site to register this thing. And now we find out that our buddy Indy ( is nominated in the pet photo contest. Indy, it's a vacuum!!! How could you????? Friends you have to vote for Indy. A husky is the only choice. And I still think his mom must have used some kind of special treats to get him to agree to this.
Well, I leave you with a picture of me and Bella on the sofa. We were actually being good and not ripping anything. That lasted for about 5 pictures. It took her that many to get the right one. Ha roo roo roo.
Till later. Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie