Thursday, August 30, 2007

How to Give Mom High Blood Presure

Well, I managed to get in trouble again. Mom says I am gonna give her high blood presure and I am definitly helping her keep the Pepsid people in business. You see, Dad let me and Missy out in the morning (unsupervised). Mom usually takes us out, and I am on a leash. But......... Dad didn't follow the rules this time and let me out loose. Mom just wanted to wash her face and wake up. Well, when she came in the kitchen and asked where we were and Dad told her, she came out looking for us. Of course, Missy was at the back door waiting. Me, I was coming along, slowly and then went to grab a few bites of grass. Mom knew something was up. She got me in and of course asked "what did you do?" Like I'm gonna answer. She fixed our breakfast, which is our usual serving of cherrios and sliced bannana. I didn't want any. She knew that was not right because I always want my cherrios and bannana. I didn't even want a biscut.
Well, she went outside to see if there was something I could have gotten into. And look what she found. I think she was gonna have a heart attack. First she told Dad he is to never, never, never let me outside unsupervised and not on my leash ... ever. She said some other stuff, but I'm not gonna repeat that. Boy was she mad. First she looked on the internet and of couse she could not find anything on these particular yellow mushrooms. Then she got on the phone and call my favorite place to go. The vet. She explained that there were these two yellow mushrooms in the back yard, and described them (you should have heard that explanation) and one had a bite missing. The vet told her that those were not bad ones, but that I still should not eat them and that I would probably have an upset tummy and that she could bring me in if she wanted, but was sure it was okay. And I could have half a Pepsid.
Well, I was checked out anyway and I'm okay. My vet's office manager said that I am now the official "dennis the menace" of their office because of all the things I get into. With all the rain we have been having the front yard is full of some really strange looking mushrooms and one side of the yard had those two yellow mushrooms. The vet told her that I was okay and not to let me eat any more mushrooms. I really didn't mean to do anything bad. I'm just busy when I'm outside checking things out. And for some reason, I have to taste it. So now THE RULE IS Mom goes with me outside and I'm on a nice 7 foot leash and she makes sure I don't get into anything. She goes outside before me and Missy and checks the yard for anything and everything.
When I came home, I rested by Missy with fox and was good all day. I promised Mom I would not eat something like that again. I wonder if she thinks the catching of the bumble bee (I spit it out) and and jumping up and catching the bird incidents were not so bad. Yes I did. I jumped up and caught a bird in flight in the yard. I didn't know Mom could run that fast and holler at the same time. She tackled me, made me drop the bird and had to take that to the animal shelter.
So you pups be careful with all the rain if your have mushrooms growing in your yard. Don't eat them. You could get very sick. Mom read that some of them are poison. So be extra careful! Please.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Playing Silly in the House

Hi to all! It is hot and now raining, and the yard is so wet. What are we to do inside. Mom was in the kitchen putting away dishes and Dad said we looked bored. So he wanted to see what we would do if he raised the gate in the kitchen. Look at this. He put his feet under it. What does he expect us to do? The limbo? I tried telling him rarooo rooo roo (put it back down), but he would not listen. Missy even barked at him. Then look at what he did.
He showed Missy biscuits. And she went under the gate to get them!! Look at her. Who knew she could do this? I was not getting under that gate. I know the noise it makes when it falls. I bark at it and run to Mom and tell her it was not me. No way was I doing that. Missy can have those biscuits. (No dog was hurt during this play time. )
After that, Mom opened the gate and we got to run thru the house. Of course she missed the one of me jumping on the bed. We ran in the sun room (no sun but she could turn on the light) and I made a jump at Missy. Mom can't believe she got this shot. Missy and I play tag.
Then she decided the light needed to be on (duhhhh) and she caught us on the sofa. She says we're too fast for the action shots.
The shot she missed is me jumping over Missy. Missy chased me all over the room and we had a good time. We'll make her take some got photos tomorrow.
Good Dreams and Sleep Well. MayaMarie and Missy

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Middle Name Game

I was tagged by my friend Star and her "puppyhead" sibling Jack in the Middle Name Game. You are supposed to find words that describe each letter of your middle name. If you don't have a middle name, use a middle name you wish you had.

My middle name is Marie, but ever since I was a pup, Mom has called me MayaMarie (all one word and that is how it has stayed).

M - Mischevious if left unattended
A - Adorable is how I get my way
R - Raa Roo's is how I speak
I - Irresistable gets me anything I want
E - Enjoy being with my family.

Here's a puppy picture of me being Adorable, Irrestable and Enjoying being with Missy.

Missy wanted to play too! Her middle name is Ann.

A - Always wants to be with the family
N - Never turns down a biscuit
N - Needs and loves lots of brushing (I think Missy is the only dog that wants to be brushed
and have all that extra fluff removed.)

Now, we tag Lorenza, Cosmos & Juneau, and Amici.

Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

Monday, August 20, 2007

Bye Bye Furminator

Oh, Kesley Ann, I know you were having trouble with the "evil furminator." Mom got ours out and the other brushes too because we need to be "thinned out." Well, I found where Mom keeps these torture devices that remove our fur. And look was with them. The “evil furminator.”

I told Missy to keep Mom busy while I got it off the counter. I went outside with the excuse to potty and found Mr. Pool Cleaner.

He was on the step, so I asked him to wait while I gave him something really good for his basket.

Missy is keeping Dad busy while I get it to him.
I pushed it to the edge as close as I could.
Then look at what he did. He came up on the deck and got it. I helped push him back in the pool.
You have to take this away. Please hurry before she sees what we are doing.
Yippiee!!! We did it! Bye Bye “evil furminator.” Missy and I were so happy. We did this for all our furry friends. If you can get a hold of your evil furminator, and can get it to me, I’ll give it to Mr. Pool Cleaner.

We hope you are feeling better Kesley Ann. Let us know how your doctor visit goes.

Husky Hugs To All. MayaMarie

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Us Being Good

Hi my furry friends. Hope all of you are keeping cool. There's not much to do here because it's so hot. I am so thankfor for the air conditioner. Me and Missy played on the sofa for a while. Dad got this picture of us behaving. And yes, I have learned to share the sofa with Missy. You will notice that her tail was on my cushion. Humm, she needs to move over some.
We went out in the yard for potty run this morning. We have a cement deer that Mom painted back there. I had fun running around, but it got hot and there was not much to do.
Of course Missy layed under the palm tree like she was at a resort or something. See all those bricks? Mom and Dad did that. It stays clean and helps keep our nails trimmed (we like that because we don't have to go to the vet to get our nails cut as often).
We didn't stay our very long. Not even a beeze to cool us off. So we went in for water and air conditioner.
We took our nap under the table. That seems to be our favorite place. The morning sun shines there and we're cool.
Here's another picture from last night. We are only allowed in this room with supervision. As you can see Dad is not the best of supervisors. I got on the ottoman (a very comfortable place) and Missy found the place where the cool air hits the floor. We were actually good and did not break anything. But, I will admit, those two white teddy bears on the sofa back there were calling to me. One of them was found in the hallway. It's soooo soft, I just could not resist. Why does she have stuffies that I can't play with?
Well, I'm going to take an afternoon nap. Mom said she was gonna bake cheesy cookies this afternoon. Keep cool and stay safe.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie and Missy.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Playing Inside

Hi all my furry friends. Hope everyone is keeping cool. It is so hot here in the south. We need a cool vacation. We've been hearing about going up north in October and Missy tells me that Green Bay (where our grandparents live) is so nice and cool. I can't wait!
This is how Mom found us this morning. My bed is supposed to be under the hutch, but I wanted to be by Missy. Obviously, I moved it. She actually got the picture.
We played with a tennis ball under the table. Mom asks that you'all ignore the fluff under the chair (she neglected her vacuuming duties to make us cheesey biscuits).
I played football for a while after Missy got tired of playing with me. Of course Mom can't seem to get the action picture of me catching it, but she'll keep trying. This one is after I caught it.
Then me and Missy played with fox for a while. We still have not ripped it. It does not squeak any more, but it's still fun to play with.
After that, we were both tired and took a nap. The house smelled good. Mom was fixing us our ground turkey breast loaf. Hope all of you'all are keeping cool and being good.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sofa Issues

Good morning to all my furry friends!

Mom rearranged the room so it is more open. No more gate in the middle of the room to separate us. Now she has to find a place to but her yellow painted cabinet. Something about me being older and us getting along, so now Missy gets to come on the sofa.
Look at this. Is she supposed to be up here? She could smile.
Well, I want to see out. There is probably something going on out there that I need to be aware of.
And since you will not move, I guess I’ll just have to step on you, so I can get up here. Notice she did not move. She totally ignored me.
And lookie here, there is something going on. Uhmmm, Mom you forgot to turn the sprinkler off and all the birds are having a great time. There’s puddles and splashing and the birds look really happy. Hmmm, I’ll have you know, that you are not paying the water bill from my cheesey biscuit funds.
I’ll get down now. You will notice that Missy is still on the sofa.
The cute puppy did not win this issue. We have to share. So, I’ll find something else to do. (Okay, I admit I still have my pee pee pads. Sometimes I’m so busy playing or aggravating Missy that I forget about outside, and I run to my original place. Mom refuses to holler at me or be mad at me. She’s trying the bell on the door thing like Steve and Kat’s Mom suggested and I’m getting better. This is for when me or Mom forget and I really don't use them most of the day, they are for "just in case. Really.")

See you’all tomorrow. MayaMarie

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Things We Did Today

Happy Saturday to all my furry friends. Today was a fun day. Me and Missy played tug with my new squeaky stuffie. We didn't tear it, but we tried real hard.
Then Mom had to go to the grocery. We are not allowed loose through the house or in our room. We go in the sun room and I go in "my safe place." Trust me, it's better than ending up at the animal emergency clinic because I ate a pillow (that was so not fun).
When she got back, Me and Missy get to check out the groceries. Oh, we got bannans! Can we have one now? Please, we were good!
After our bannana treat, we went outside. Dad fixed the pool cleaner and turned on the turtle fountain. Mom has the goofy plastic squirrel on it with a piece of rope like he's riding the turtle. Trying to get the water was fun, but it was hot out today.
Then we came in and were very lazy. Missy let me lay by her for a while and the I decided it was time for a nap.
This is how I nap. I curl up and cover my nose with my tail. Mom thinks it so cute. Well, what does she expect? I am a cute husky pup.
Hope all of you'all had a fun day and got to take naps too.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Trouble with The Pool Cleaner

Hey all my furry friends. You're not gonna believe this. Looks at what happened in our yard. We went out to do a potty run and the pool cleaner's parts broke. There's water splashing all over. I went and barked at it and it would not stop. Of course Mom had to go back in the house and get the camera.
The part that broke from the pool cleaner just flops all over and is sending water all over the deck. Missy would not come anywhere near the pool to help me. She does not like to get her feet wet (and Dave at AO4 did this really cute Haik Woo for her about wet feet, and she now thinks he's so sweet.) As you can see in this picture, I tried to catch it, but it kept getting away. I have to say, it was fun, playing in the water and trying to catch that tube shooting water all over.
When Mom finally stopped laughing and put the camera away, she turned the thing off. So the pool is okay, but now we have to get the leaves out with the net thing until it gets repaired. Oh well, Dad will just have to fix it when he comes home.
Mom still can't believe how these events happened, Missy complained about wet grass, Dave did a Haik Woo about wet feet, and just hours ago the pool cleaner breaks and there's water all over and I tried to make it stop. Really I wanted it to stay broke, it was fun chasing it and getting wet.
Keep cool, I did. MayaMarie

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dinner Was Yummy and Cartoon Characters

Mom created a new dish for us. We had ground turkey breast meatloaf. Was this ever good. Missy and I told Mom that we want this from now on. It’s our favorite. We had this with a side dish (that she put in the blender for a few min) of brown rice and baby carrots and peas.
I got to smell this wonderful meatloaf when it came out the oven. I got to stand on Mom’s step again. (She’s kinda short and needs it to reach the top shelves).
After she took it out the pan Missy got to smell it too. We could not wait. I did the husky dance for joy and woo wooed. (She has to learn how to do the video so you can see this.)

It’s really hot and humid this morning, so no walks again. I figured I'd bother Missy since she's on my bed. Maybe Mom will take us for a ride this afternoon.

Some of you are doing the cartoon characters (and your Moms are really talented). My Mom’s not real good at the graphics thing, but we still wanted to answer it. Dad says I’m like Tigger because I bounce around so much and never stay still. Mom says Missy is definitely Eeyore, because she likes to nap and walks like she not in any kind of hurry and sometime she does not like to be bothered.

Have A Happy Husky Day, MayaMarie