Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunbeam, Sofa and Folder Tag

Hello My Furry Friends! Hope all of you are keeping your humans warm. This is my favorite place in the house. In the sunbearm. I will not let anyone else come there, as it's my sunbeam.
As you can see, Bella has a favorite place too. For some reason the proper place to be on the sofa is not for her, she has to be on the arms of both of the sofas. And can somepuppy explain about this paw crossing thing? She even sleeps with her paws crossed.
We were tagged by Turbo to do the 5th Flolder, 5th Picture. It's the Christmas stockings mom made for Cubby and Missy. I would like to know where are stockings for MayaMarie and Bella? Did she make ours? Nooooooo. Well, it's not to early to start, and since Turbo knew just what folder and picture to ask about, mom now has to start ours. Ha roo roo roo.
Everyone be good and share your fluff throughout the house.
Husky Hugs to All. MayaMarie