Friday, June 20, 2008

A Fun Video in the Kitchen

Hello My Furry Friends! Me and Bella were playing in the kitchen and mom actually got the video. We had a good time acting silly before dinner. Hope you enjoy it!

We are playing inside, as it's very hot out, and it's been raining so that made it steamy. Yuck for huskies. Mom said we are very good at spreading husky fur all over.

Husky Hugs to all.


Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Being Good and Mom's Husky Stuff

Hello My Furry Friends! Not too much going on here. It's too hot for us to go outside and play, so we thought we would hide under the kitchen chair. Good spot huh?
This is one of our photos from the AO4's class. Mom thought she was getting a really good photo of us looking at her. No such thing.
Here's mom's tomato plant. She's got three of the. They are called "Husky Red Cherry Tomoatos." So far she's had them three weeks and they are still alive and one of them has a little bitty tomoato on it.
She had to "have" these when she and dad when to that home improvement store. Dad took her tape, so he had to replace it. Of course everyone needs a husky flashlight and key fob with a light on it.
We are being good and helping mom with her cookies. Quality control is a ruff job. Hope everyone is keeping cool.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dishwasher Fun

Hello My Furry Friends! Hope all of you are keeping safe during all this outrageous weather. Our friends in the north and middle of the country are having some very frightening times. We worry about them. It's been so hot here, we don't want to go outside and now rain is being added to that, yuck for us with fur. And since mom got her hair done, so said no way for her too. She got it cut short and had color put in and highlights. Dad said she looks beawootiful!

Missy's foot issue is all better. Mine is kinda better, but the cyst thing is has not gone away yet. I think mom is gonna bring me in to the vet next week to check on it. It's smaller and it does not hurt, but she wants it checked anyway.

Now about the dishwasher. Do you pups get involved with this dishwasher in your houses? Whenever mom opens the door to it I go check and see if it's beeing filled (those dishes are great to clean) or emptied (clean dishes we are not supposed to lick), but Bella gets under the door. Do you see this? She crawls under it when mom opens it.
Here'a a better view. Me, I want to see what's in it. All of it was clean, so there was nothing for me do here, but Bella would not come out. Mom said something about getting away from me aggravating her. Ha roo roo roo, can you believe that I would be accused of being aggravating? She's bigger than me.
Well, mom washed our bowls and she left them for last. I wanted my bowls out. See I got it out. Bella just watched.
And, lo and behold, here is a video of me getting my bowl out. She actually got it on film and you'all get to see it. I am just toooooo smart, don't you think? Bella was amazed! She has a really good video of me and Bella playing, but blogger said it's too long, so mom has to figure out how she can share that. But do enjoy this one.
We're working on the dog cookie menu, so we'll be letting you know soon about ordering dog cookies.

Everyone stay safe, keep cool, and if you need them, we are sending good woo wooing vibes.
Husky Hugs to all, MayaMarie

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Torn Dew Claw, Nail Clippings and My Back Right Foot Has A Ochie

Hello My Furry Friends. Sorry we have not posted for a while. Mom and Dad have been working in the front and back yard. They planted flowers and did not let us help. Due to an unfortunate cushion incident the last time they worked in the yard, we had to spend that time in our “safe crates.” We napped in the cool husky air while they were outside in 90 deg, getting sunburned. Mom said there is nothing like that hot, humid southern heat. Here’s a picture of the planting. Nice huh? They did go for a swim after. These are dad's new unbreallas. He said something about mom being so pale skinned the reflection was gonna cause an airplane to crash, so he needed umbrellas.
We were asked to please not walk on the flowers. So far 2 of those little purple flowers have gotten squished by somepuppy’s foot (and until you have a footprint kit and are a member of NCIS , you will never know the guilty pawty.)

Well, as you probably guessed from the title there were assorted feet incidents. First, Missy’s dew claw got caught in Bella’s collar while playing and it tore her nail. There was lots of wooing (by all) and some blood. Mom cleaned it, put some Neosporin on it, and bandaged it up because these things only happen at 8:00 at night. Missy had to go to the vet the next day. According to mom, she was not cooperative. It took mom and 2 techs to hold her down while the doctor clipped her nails. Then he gave her a shot of “make the dog goofy medicine” so he could work on her dew claw. Mom stayed right there with her and watched what was being done. She got a fancy bandage and was very goofy when she got home. The vet would not let mom bring her home alone and one of the techs rode with mom to help her get Missy in the house. Here’s Missy with her bandage. She’s better now, the bandage is off and she’s running around like nothing ever happened.
Bella went a few days later to get her nails clipped. All 38 pds of her. It took mom and 2 techs to hold her down too! And she ruffed and wooed and kicked those legs and was not very cooperative. Of course everyone thought she was just the prettiest thing and she pranced around and showed off. Mom said she rode in the very back seat of the van like she was a princess. Here’s Bella with her new nylabone. We are now allowed in the room with the red rug. So far, we have been really good and have not eaten the rug or any part of the room, yet.
Well, you guessed it, next was my turn. I finally gained some weight. I’m 44 pds, which made everyone happy because of my assorted tummy issues. I then ran to the exam room as my vet was there and I just love to give him kisses. I’ll reconsider this next time. You see, this was just supposed to be a simple nail clipping. No big deal, right? Not! There was something about dry foot pads and I must be licking them a lot, and then when he got to my back foot, I screamed, and I never do that. He checked it and my right back foot has an “ochie”. He called it an “interdigital cyst.” I called it an “ouchie.” Mom’s attempt at taking a picture of it did not go well. She mumbled something about me paying too much attention to the AO4’s photo classes (and do we have some great photos to share of those sessions.) . Now, I have to take two different kinds of pills and mom has to soak my foot in Epson Salt twice a day. Ha roo roo, you should see her trying to do that. I have to take medicine for the next week and hopefully it will get better, or I will have to have surgery. I hope it gets better b/c I don't want surgery, you see, I don't like being away from mom.
I got a new nylabone too (the wolf version), but it does not last me long, maybe a couple of hours, so mom has to get me a dinosaur bone like the AO4 has. We have it on good authority that even I will have trouble chewing that up. She is going to order me one b/c none of the stores here carry them and the people in the stores are not very helpful here.
We have been helping mom create 3 more dog cookie recipes and she is working on her web site. She sent in the samples to the state for the lab analysis and is waiting on her labels, then she will be able to meet with some people about a license and a permit. We are very excited about this dog cookie thing and these last three new ones are very yummy. (The job market is not very good, she is still sending out her resume and wants to get a part time job at that michael's craft store, and she is waiting on an interview. We can live with part time.) Dad told her she has a job here and he appreciates her and does not want her to do something she will not be happy at. Besides he wants her to pursue her dog cookie thing too! We like dad's idea the best!
Here is a short video of me and Bella playing. It's not the best, but we'll get better.

Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie