Thursday, January 31, 2008

Got My Sofa Back and Bella is Not a Wolf!!!

Hi My Furry Friends!. Look!!! I got my sofa back! I was running around on it and ra roo rooing at mom. I'm so glad I got it back. I missed it so.
Now I have a question? Does this furry white pup look like wolf to you? I have nothing againt wolfs (I never met any but I'm sure they are okay cannines). But Bella is not a wolf! This is why I ask. Mom had to bring Bella to the vet to get weighed so that she got the right heartguard and frontline for her. Bella was sitting in mom's lap, being good, waiting her turn, and this lady walks in with a poodle dog. Now I have nothing againt poodles either (I've never met one), but the poodle's mom walks in ( a very uppity lady), looks at mom and Bella, and says real loud, "Excuse me, but why are you in the vet's office with a wolf puppy? You can't bring that in here." Mom did not let her temper get the best of her. She very polietly told the lady that Bella is a Siberian Husky, and don't you see her blue eyes? The lady just stood there and looked and was holding her poolde like Bella was gonna eat it. Then another lady with some kind of little hariy grey dog (that kept yipping) said she sure does look like a wolf. The vet tech behind the desk that really likes us got very angry then. She told these ladies that they were mistaken and that Bella is a Siberian Husky and their client and that it was not necessary to create a scene because they did not know the difference between a wolf and a Siberian Husky. She called mom to the back so Bella could get weighed and get away from these two ignorant ladies.
So I show you her cutest picture yet. She is not a wolf! She's a fluffy white Siberian Husky pup with blue yes. And she's very sweet and me and Missy love to play with her. Mom wonders what these ladies would have thought if they had seen me?
Well, I leave you with my "I am cute on my sofa" picture.
Husky Hugs to All. MayaMarie

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Very Embarrassed Prisoner

Hello My Furry Friends! I ended up in prison again. I think me and Juneau and Comet & Blue are gonna have to start a club. Maybe we can be pup pals and send mail to each other while in prison? I would prefer a file or a wire cutter.

Well, needless to say, I did something very embarrassing and I believe the words "MayaMarie that's just awful bad. I can't belive you?!?!" were said a number of times. This is where I ended up.
What did I do you ask? I was busy playing, me and Bella do this running up to the the gates wo wooing thing. Well, in the middle of our game, I had to pee, and I kinda peed on my sofa cushion. Yes I did. I admit it. I am guilty, but it was Bella's fault. She was making me run and bark and I just peed on the run. You know what I mean??? You gotta understand???
Well, my sofa got taken apart. The gates and the yellow cabinet got put in front of it, so I could not look out my window all day. While the cushion got dryed and cleaned.
Mom covers the cusions with fabric she finds on sale, and I'm glad she had covered this one really good. She must of had too much fabric and had wrapped it around the cushion twice, so the fabric soaked up most of the pee, and my cushion was not ruined. But it still got washed and sprayed and had to dry. Now it smells like oranges.
I asked if she was gonna put it all back togehter for me. So that I could look out the window? Please. It's all dry and my cushion does not smell. Please Please. I am asking nice.
I was in prison while the clean up was being done, and mom kept asking me why? what where you thinking? and why were you not thinking? I thought about it and thought about it. And mostly I thought about how I hope my sofa gets put back together this afternoon, so I can look out the window.
Well, I'm gonna try to be good this afternnon and I'll let you'all know when I get my sofa back.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Friday, January 25, 2008

Us Behaving Today

Hi My Furry Friends! Hope you'all are keeping warm and dry. What a wet, cold yucky day. And we had vet visits too! Since mom is not very brave, and our vet is not too far away, she takes us one at a time. I think taking us all at once would be exciting, don't you?

Well, I went first and I have to say the new huskymobile is great! They just love me at the vet's office. I make these soft woos and I actually jump on mom's lap while we wait. My vet, I love him. I gave him lots of kisses, even if he did stick me with that needle and prod me with that little stick (you know where). I'm a very petite girl, my weight is 38 pds. He even gave me an A+ on my report.
I needed a nap when I got home, as that really wore me out. The ride home was very exciting. The canal where we turn has all these ducks and seagulls and they were flying everywhere. Mom said good thing I was set belted down.

Here's Missy helping mom catch Bella for her appointment. This alone was an event. When the little white dog gets out, we all have to help to catch her. Bella weighs 22 pds, and she has to go back for some more of those puppy shots in a couple of weeks. Ha roo roo roo. Mom said she was very bad at the vet. She kept roo rooing at these three chichachua dogs and she would not stop. Then she of course had to be her cute self and woo the vet.

Missy went next. She lost more weight. She's down to 70 pds and her hips look good and no more Rymadyl (that arthritis medicine) unless she needs it. The vet was so proud of Missy. Mom said that she was very uncooperative getting her nails clipped (it took the vet, 2 assistants and mom to hold Missy down).
Me and Bella played with rope later. That lasted for a short while as we started pulling it apart and trying to eat it. Mom of course took it away. We got ice cubes instead. We just love getting ice cubes. Don't you'all?
And it's still raining! And it's cold and windy. I know I'm a husky, but I would not go out in it. I pottied on Bella's potty pads. Mom didn't get mad. She said at least I knew where to go and it was easy to take care of.
I hope all of you are keeping dry. Do stop and visit Clive. Mom was so upset about him today. He and his mom needs lots of support from all of us. We're hoping for the best for them.
Well, we'll take some more pictures and hopefully a new video.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

Sunday, January 20, 2008

We're posting a video!

Hi My Furry Friends! Did all of you that got snow enjoy it? I hope so, all we got was rain and cold. Yesterday we could not go out at all. Today, it was very cold, to us southern huskies, anyway.

Mom made a video of us at "feeding time." We get very noisey and if you notice, we are each in a separate area to eat. We don't fight, we just jump on each other, make lots of loud noise, and are so excited about food. Please excuse mom's voice, she sounds like a chipmunk (you should hear her recording for the phone, ha roo rooo). It's kinda long, but it's our first video and mom's gotta practice. You get to hear all out lovely doggie voices.

Dad says the kitchen floor does not have long. Me and Bella are gonna cause him to put ceramic tile where the wood is yet. We are making sure it has that lived in, used look.

Do any of you'all make this much noise with the food is being served? And I think I have the prettiest voice.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fun With Stuffies!

Hi My Furry Friends! Hope all of you are keeping warm or staying cool, whichever you prefer. It's not really cold here in the south. Kinda damp and cool, it was stay inside and play with stuffies weather.

Here I am with my bunny. So far bunny still squeaks, but is missing a foot and an ear. Oh well.
Mom got us a new squirrel on a rope and that was fun. Me and Bella had a good time with that.
Bella played with her squirrell some. She's working on that foot. I've been showing her how you have to stick with one part and just keep chewing. Eventually mom wonders why you are so quite and comes and checks and realizes that the foot is either missing or almost chewed off.
This is was fun too! We got this whale and we have to learn to share it.
We have more fun this way. So far our whale is still in one piece.
This is ice cube break. We stopped for a while and took naps.
We hope all of you are enjoying your day. Mom is gonna bake us cheesy biscuits tomorrow.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Monday, January 14, 2008

I Have to Save My Handsome Juneau!!!!

Hello My Furry Friends. Something happened today and I have to act fast! Bella came running to the gate, aroo rooing and calling me. Your Juneau is in trouble! I had told her about my handsome guy.
I was sitting in my window and looked at the computer. Oh my poor Juneau How did this happen? That Sheriff Cosmos must have been talking to Missy. They always seem show up with something they call "evidence." I must save you.
I checked mom's tools and all she has is this drill. This is not gonna work. I think I need to go out to the garage. I know dad will have something in that big red tool box.
Let's see. This looks like something I coudl use. Hmmmmm.
Oh wait, this is it. I've seen mom cut tree branches and and dad cut fence posts with this one. So I know it will get you out of that jail. Mom, I have to have this one. Now!! Let's go.
I'm on my way Juneau. I'll show that Sheriff that he can't keep you in there.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie
And thanks to my little sister Bella for alerting me to this incident.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

We're Back, Lots to Catch Up, Fun Photos, Awards

Hello to all our furry friends!!!! We are back! We know it's been a while and we apolozie, but the past three weeks were non fun for our mom and her boss. As Turbo would say "humans can be really stupid and selfish." Us pups have been really good, and we have been a big help to keep mom in good spirits. Mom and her boss are trying to keep things positive. Keep your paws crossed.

So now, after getting a lot of demands from us and a really supportative nudge from Cosmos and Juneau's (my handsom masked one) mom, we got her back at the computer.

First we want to thank Echo for the Make My Day Award. That is really so nice. We try to be positive and have fun stuff. And we promise to be better! We would like to pass this on to Amici and Indy. AND A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT VOTED FOR US. WE WON THE POST OF THE MONTH!!!! WHAT AN HONOR.
Now, I'm sure you're all wondering about our new family member, Bella. Well, she is making herself right at home. Here we are playing with duck. She's is so fun to play tug with. I had this idea that I could tug and pull things away from her, well not so. The fluffy white thing holds her own pretty good. She's already 20 pounds. I must be a "petite husky" as I'm only 40 pounds. What am I gonna do if she weighs more than me???
Here we are trying to be good. Really, Bella was playing it safe because she knows I can't get her when she's under that chair. Just wait, this chubby husky is gonna fit under there much longer. She's a real "husky" girl (if you know what I mean.)
Now, if you want to know what Missy is doing while we are playing, just take a look. She's in the sun room on the couch. Mom found this pretty fleece fabic at the store and covered Missy's side of the sofa. I think Missy needs to be disturbed.
This is a kinda of "action" shot of me and the little beast. She kept going for my back leg. I've really got to hop and run, she's very fast and that soft puppy fur is not very easy to hold on to.
This is our "ice cube break." These moments do not last very long, but mom managed to catch this one. And if you give us ice cubes we are very good.
That's it for today, but we have a lot more fun photos to share, especially with our toys. Oh, and Bella is jumping on my sofa and getting in my window. I hope all of you are doing well, and we will be catching up on all our friends blogs. We missed you all.
Husky Hugs to all, MayaMarie.