Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Car with the Phone

Hi my furry friends. Check out what me and Missy discovered. Dad was working on his little red sports car and we decided to check out the inside. Missy of course wants to drive. I guess since she's older, it's for the best. But she found a phone in it. We've been wanting to get a hold of a phone for awhile. There's an order we want to make.
I ran inside and got the page from the Five Happy Hounds store. There's these dog beds that me and Missy want. And Mom keeps waiting to order them. Our old beds need new stuffing and the covers are getting old. Look, I found the credit card. But do you see this phone. It looks kinda old. Oh well, the car is old and it works, so the phone has to work.
Okay, there must be a button you press for it to work. Aroo arooo? Is anyone there?
Raroo rooo rooo. Dot? Sam? Thrawn? Tucker? Bear? Hurry up and answer before she sees what I'm doing. We want two of these round pillow beds and she keeps telling us we have to wait. What is she waiting for?
I'm ready to make the order. Rarooo roo? Are you'all answering?
Husky Hugs, and I'm gonna keep trying until some puppy answers.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to Missy

Hi my furry friends. Today is Missy's Birthday. She's 8!!!! This is her birthday banner and look what mom made. Birthday muffins. They are the Apple Doggie Pupcakes in the Harrnessed to Hope, Northern Breed Rescue recipie book. And look what she got, a new hot pink collar with paw prints. Mom has to take her tags off her old collar and put them on this one. (Mom asks to please disregard her cluttered counter. That's the colorful doggy water glass and the doggy peanut butter. )
Hello, it's Missy. My birthday pupcakes were delicious. Look who had to grab one off the tray and run. If the spoiled puppy will allow it, I'll get mom to take a picture of me with my new collar. I had a good birthday, mom baked Cheesey Dog Biscuits, and my favorite turkey loaf, and I got lots of extra hugs and kisses.
Doesn't this look yummy. I got my muffin and ran. It was soooo good. Mom got the paper away from me before I ate that too! We even aroo rooed happy birthday to Misssy. We want mom to try a new recipie every week. You'all have to get your moms to get this recipie book.
So Missy, let's go see if the muffins are still on the counter.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie and Missy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nicknames, Nap and Sitting in My Window

Hi my furry friends. Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've been napping and trying to keep out of trouble. I didn't do so good on Saturday. While mom went upstairs to get laundry, I managed to remove the cushions off my sofa and pull the hariy stuffing out the sofa. Yes, you guessed, it! I spent Saturday at the vet and mom had to spend her hair cut and color money on this incident. It's hard to explain why I did it, but I blame the dog across the street. His people were letting him run on the front lawn, with no leash, and he was running around and they were pointing at me and I was just jumping and running and the cushion must have came off and I just could not help myself. The nice people at the vet gave me this medicine in my eye and made me throw up, yuck, and then I had to stay there all day because they were worried it was all in my stomach so they gave me more medicine so I would "squirt" it out the other end. Boy was I miserable. They called mom really late in the afternoon when they were sure I was okay that she could come and get me. I don't know who cried more, me or mom. I didn't want her to leave me there. Here I am napping on Sunday evening. I was very tired. Mom and I had a talk and I told her I was possessed and was sorry. (Note from mom: I knew she was watching the neighbors and their dog, but I had no ideal she would do this while I went upstairs to get laundry. I could not have been gone 5 min. All I know, is I got her to the vet as fast as I could, and she passed all stuff she ate. My hair can wait till next month, as long as she's okay.)
My friend Bama in Florida tagged me in the nickname game. Well here they are:

MayaMarie: Cupcake, Tibit, Sweetie, and Dad calls me Hoppitie (because I jump up for him to pick me up). And my most embarrassing, because of a few minor mistakes as a very small pup, oh, well, here it is...... PeePee. Oh woo woo is me.

Missy: Missy Moo, Miss Muff, and I have to tell this one .... Pumpkin. Haroo roo ro.
Here I am today. I was looking out the front window, but heard mom come up behind me. She really did clean the window, but I smudged it again. Hope all you pups are keeping cool. It's so hot here and today it's been raining all day.
Since we are not sure who has not been tagged, I say anyone that has not, you are not tagged to tell us your nicknames.
Oh, have you'all checked out Opy's announcment about the Christmas cards? Sounds fun!
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vehicle Tag Game

Hi my furry friends. I was tagged by Guinness & Shiloh in this new fun vehicle game. You are supposed to pick a vehicle that best resembles your personality. Well, since mom does not know that much about vehciles (just how to drive it, put gas in it and tell dad the check engine light is on), I got dad to play. (mom had to find the pictures and post)
I would be an Acura RDX with the turbo charged engine because I have great maneuverability and can stop on a dime. And I do have that turbo ability. I would be this silver and gray one, Very sleek and fast. Awooooooo.
I wanted Missy to play too! Dad said she would be a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass station wagon with a rocket 350 engine with the four barrell carbureator (it's a classic, like Missy), because when she wants to go, she has that extra burst of speed. I say it's because they are both "big girls." Ha roo roo rooo.
Of course mom had to include her Cubby (he's still with her in spirit). Dad said Cubby would be a GMC Yukon Denali, the XL white one, with the big 44 mud/snow tires. He was a big white dog with really big paws.
Well, this was fun! And it got dad to participate too! Thanks for tagging us. I'm gonna tag
Lorenza, Star and Jack, Indy, and Steve, Kat and Wilbur.
I didn't go out much today. It was too hot again. So I looked out the window. Some one needs to clean it, it's getting smuges on it. Have a good night my furry friends.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Friday, September 14, 2007

A Creatue on the Window

Hi my furry friends. Mom heard me in the kitchen. I was ra woo wooing and she came in the kitchen to see what was going on. I was jumping up and trying to show her there was something outside the window.

Look at it. It's some sort of creature. Where did it come from? What was it doing on the window screen. I could not get to it, but I sure could see it. Mom said it was just a lizard trying to catch the bugs, and it was not going to hurt anything. But she was very surprised that I noticed this on the window, above the sink from my spot down on the floor. I got told I was very observant.
Well, I kept an eye on this lizard to see if he was trying to come in. I bet I could catch him too! I stayed there watching until he left. I'm gonna go check the other windows and see what's out there.
Have A Happy Friday. MayaMarie

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Playing with the Purple Box

Hi my furry friends. Not much to do because it's been so hot outside. And today, all this rain, I didn't know what to do with myself. Mom got her makup package in the mail and it came in this pretty purple box. Well, thanks to Sitka's mom idea (she got to play with a cardboard carry out), my mom figured I could not get into too much trouble with that.
See, I got to bite it and tear it and it lasted me a good part of the day. Then I really started ripping it up and running around with it. Missy was not interested in playing with me and my purple box, she just watched.
It was great fun, since I didn't tear it up too bad, I have the rest of it for another day. Thanks Sitka's mom for the great idea. It kept me out of trouble.

Hope all of you'all are keeping dry. Potty run is gonna be interesting, the yard is really wet.
Our vacation is coming up soon. I can't wait for October to get here. I've been really good this week. I'll have to let you know about mom and the packing.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm In Trouble Again

Hi my furry friends. I'm in troube again. Mom had to run a few errands and when she came home, the tray to my crate was half pushed out and I knew I was in trouble. Don't I look sorry? I tried my best sorry look.
See what I did it? I ate a hole in it. I tried telling her it was not so bad, but she was not happy, especially since this is the second tray. The first tray, I actually ripped and broke it in half, right down the middle and it could not be fixed, so Mom had to call the company that makes them and get this second one. Well, I have to go bother Missy now, she's sleeping under the table and looks way to peacful.
She's kinda concerned about our vacation in October if I want to travel with them. I told her I don't want to stay at the vet's, I want to be with them. Mom asks if any of you have any suggestions on "good crate behavior" to ler her know. She can't give me "busy items" like other dogs. I can't have nylabones or those hard plastic bones, I eat them. And those healthy edibles, I break them and make sharp edges. I got my bottom jaw caught in my red kong and the rawhide chewy caught in my throat. Good thing I have a Mom that saves me from the assorted incidents I get myself into.
Have a Good Night. MayaMarie
From Mom: She is not bad, but this one, you have to keep an eye on. You can't leave her unattended with a toy or something that another dog can be trusted with. You can leave Missy in a room with food and glassware and come back and not a thing is out of place, but this one is so different. I really try to keep her so safe that I worry I'm not letting her be a dog, but she manages to do things that can really get her sick and then we have to rush to the vet. Her crate was her safe place and the new tray lasted about a month. She seemed fine without the tray, so we'll try that for a while. (MayaMarie's mom)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Action Photos

Hi to my furry friends. Mom got some good action shots of me catching my squeaky ball thing. Here I am getting ready. It's in the air. This is my get ready look.
I jumped up to catch it! Missy was not interested. Look at those teeth. Great for catching!
And I caught it. Missy was squeaking a red ball, trying to distrach me. But I caught my squeaky thing anyway.
We know they are kinda blurry, but they are action shots and Mom actually managed to catch them at just the right time. Mom made ground buffalo meatballs for dinner last night (very light and tasty), so we're having pizza with the leftovers. We can't wait. She make them dog friendly so we could have some too (with mozrella cheese).
Keep cool and have a safe holiday.