Saturday, June 30, 2007

7 Things About Me

I was tagged by Tasha & Eva and Indy to tell 7 things about me. I thought I would share this with my older sister Missy;
1) I have to get between my mom and the cabinet when she is cooking, as close as possible, and I sit on her feet; she tells me this is not helping, but someone has to supervise;
2) I do the husky dance for joy when she is fixing our food dishes, you now the bounce twirl, and run;
3) When mom is at the computer I have to bring her a toy and push her arm and convince her it’s time to play with me;
4) Even though I am getting big, I still like my Dad to pick me up and hold me like a puppy and give him husky kisses;
5) I have a very sensitive tummy b/c of bad dog food and now my mom has to cook for me and make my biscuits (I don’t mind); She's gonna try the ones Holly's mom recommended.
6) I really enjoy ice cubes;
7) I have to squeak a new toy until the squeaky stops working;

1)She likes to lay on my bed under the hutch in the kitchen and then she gets mad when I roo roo at her to get off (see the above picture - she's too big for it and it's mine);
2) She likes to swim in the big pool, she even has a life jacket (she looks like a dog in a suitcase (haroo roo roo - we will get a picute of this);
3) She is not a morning dog, when we wake up she is not happy when I run to her and want to play, very grouchy;
4) If mom separates us for a time out, she gets one of my toys and squeaks it to torment me on the other side of the gate. That’s so not nice;
5) She gets to help bring out the trash, while I watch from the window – so not fair;
6) She can not sing, very off key, must be the shepherd half, certainly not the husky half;
7) She climbed on my sofa yesterday and looked out the window with me. Mom was out front and trust me, even she was surprised.

Okay, I’m gonna tag Holly, the Army of Four; Sitka and Tia, and Steve, Kat and Wilbur; Sasha; and Marly.
Oh, and Ivy, I am working on the things about my people. Will post it soon.
Have a Nice Saturday.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Stuffies With Missing Parts

Are your stuffiness missing parts?

Here is a picture mine.

Fox has no tail; Bunny has no ears, Goose lost his wing; Snake lost his tongue and the rattle got removed from his tail; and Squirrel on a rope lost a few legs and ears; and they no longer squeak. Either I broke the squeaky or I made a hole trying to get it and my Mom, got the squeaky out and then she sewed it up so I would not eat the stuffing or the squeaky.

I sit there patiently while she does this.
This is my "what'sit". It had lots of squeakies in it and they keep getting removed.

If I make a hole in it and start to pull the stuffing out, it gets taken away immediately (something about me eating it and it getting stuck in my tummy). I have been know to eat the stuffing and then have to go to the vet to get that awful medicine put in my eye to make me throw up. My Mom can now get to the vet in 20 min for these incidents. She never used to speed before, but for some reason, I have changed her way of driving. I can’t explain why I eat the stuffing. Maybe the people that make the stuffies put stuff in them that effects my doggie senses?

So, please help me out here. I can’t be the only dog (and maybe Tia, Wilbur and Girl Girl have this problem too !) that does this to stuffies. Do you have pictures of stuffies with missing parts that your parents can post? You have too! I am sure there are some of you that have done worse to stuffies than me. I can’t be the only one. I know you’re out there!

Waiting to see what you’all have to share.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Please Excuse the Links?

I am so ashamed. I could not look up. What is she doing to my blog page? My Mom is computer challened some times. Please excuse the links if she did them wrong? She wanted to add you'all to our page, but it just does not look right. Does it? If any of you have a correction or what she did wrong, please tell her. She used the help section (of what she could find on adding a link), and the add a page element, and this is how they listed them on the side. With this wrench thing on the side by each name. What's that about? Is it okay? Please correct her, as I don't what her messing up my blog page.
Thanks, MayaMarie

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We Made Cookies!!!

This was great fun! Better than going for a walk! Well it is hot outside and it’s much nicer with the a/c on and the oven baking cookies – the house smells so good! Our Mom made us Cheesy Dog Biscuits. After many tests recipies (we did not mind the testing) this is the best version. They are so good!

I get to taste the cheese. Real cheddar.

She rolls them out and cuts them in shapes.
Bunnies and Ducks! They make good cookies.

Look at all the pans waiting to go in.
There were five of them total.

They are done and I am sitting pretty like you
wanted, only because you are holding a cookie
by the camera.

Now give us our cookies!!!!

Now from my Mom:
Okay, sorry it was so long, but I wanted to include some fun pictures. This is my recipie, that I created. I'm sending it to Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue to include in their cookbook.
Note: for the cheese (cheddar, parmesan & romano, I buy a piece of each, and grate that
fresh), but you can use what you like.

MayaMarie’s Cheesy Bone Doggy Biscuits

Doggies will love them. People like them too. Trust me, I had to taste them to get it just right. They’re almost like cheese crackers without the calories, a lot less sodium or trans fat and when they are fresh baked, they are good.

Eat and enjoy. Please remember, I don’t want your dog to get sick or get blamed for getting sick. (Please do not be offended). I am sharing with others that love their dogs as much as I love mine. There is only a select group of people that will do anything for their pets. And if what we do makes them happy and healthy, I am glad to be able to share with others. Missy is 8 years old and will eat anything I fix, and has never been sick. MayaMarie has a very sensitive stomach and can not digest anything with corn, gluten or/and some grains (the most expensive SD made her very sick. I even tried the Wellness brand at Whole Foods and that caused problems.) Since dog biscuits were making her sick too, I had to create something for her. She has no problems with these biscuits and her vet approves. (Missy has lost 10 pounds, since I cook their food, and MayaMarie has not had diarrhea in 4 months, they get a vitamin supplement every day, and they are healthy.)I’m working on a peanut butter oatmeal biscuit, as soon as my two tasters approve, I’ll share that too.
MayaMarie, Missy and their Mom.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Look at what we got!

Can you see me in the window, behind that red car? (Mom calls it Dad's over 40 vehicle, the husky mobile is rommier). Well, I was in the window wondering what this was? It's our hurricane evacuation vehcile. According to Missy they stayed for that big storm a few years ago b/c they could not get a motel that took pets, and Mom refused to leave her behind. So Mom and Dad have been saving up and found this huge vehicle that we can travel in too! It's used and has only one bed, but it will get us away safely and we'll be together.

Here's a picture from the other side of the window, my tail was outside of the curtain and Mom thinks that cute. It's my tail, of course it's cute. Just so you know, that's my sofa and pillows. What a life.
We're supposed to make cookies tonight, so I'll post some pictures. Let me know if any of you want the recipie and I'll get Mom to post it that way all of you can enjoy.
Husky kisses to all.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Some things about me!

Oh, this is fun! I’m glad I can be a part of it.

1. Age? 9 months

2. My age when I came to live with my people? 9 weeks. I arrived from Virginia on an airplane in a doggy carrier. My mom and dad had to come pick me up at the airport.

3. What color collar am I wearing right now? a pretty blue to match my eyes.

4. My favorite person other than my people I live with? My vet, he’s likes husky kisses and doesn’t get mad when I have to be rushed to his office b/c I ate something that should not be eaten.

5. How much do I weight? 40 pounds.

6. Most expensive thing I ever chewed up? An actual item would be the cable remote, but the cable people felt so sorry for mom b/c of the vet visit they didn’t charge her for the remote; and my mom would say it was the dog bed, b/c I didn’t just chew it, I ate the foam, and lots of it. I had to be brought to the vet b/c it was in my tummy making me really sick and they made me throw it up, and I was even sicker and had to spend the night at the vet, with an IV. Very expensive from what I hear it put the June budget way out of budget.

7. Do I like other dogs? Yes, meeting others is really fun.

8. Who is my best non-human friend? My older sister Missy, even if I do aggravate her when I grab her tail b/c is reminds me of a stuffie.

9. Squeaky toys or tennis balls? Both, and I have a tennis ball that has a squeaky in it, it’s by Air Kong and called a squeaky tennis ball. They make a football one too, and it squeaks so very very loud. Very entertaining when they are watching tv.

10. Do I like to be brushed? I’m not sure? I let my mom do it, but I don’t stay still.

11. Peanut Butter or Cheese? Cheese is the best, but I will not pass up peanut butter.

12. Do my people cut my toenails? No way. I require a vet visit with 2 people holding me down.

13. Any formal education? No. I’m being home schooled.

14. Couch Potato or Energizer Bunny? Definitely the Bunny. I’am a pup, what do they expect.

15. Five nicknames people call me? Just one and it’s embarrassing. It’s b/c I used to potty in my crate when my mom ran errands and when she came home I was the yellow dog and had to be put in the sink and washed every time. Did you guess it? It’s “pee pee. puppy.” This embarrassment has caused me to hold it or potty before going in the crate, but the nickname has stuck.

16. What is my best trick? My doggy dishes are in a wooden stand that have to holes for the metal bowls. I can push the bowls out from underneath with my nose and grab the bowl, toss it on the floor (ceramic tile) and push it all around, making this terrible noise while I bark at it. Great fun on a Sunday morning when the people want to sleep in.

17. Do I like kittes? Yes, I think they’re cute and would like one as a friend.

18. What did I have for breakfast? Brown rice with chicken and a scrambled egg. A doggies' version of chicken with rice. Very yummy.

19. Can I hunt and have I ever killed anything? Only for food and the only thing I’ve ever killed are my squeaky toys.

20. When was the last time I went to the vet? 2 days ago. I got my nails clipped. The car ride was great fun!

21. Where do I sleep at night? In my Mom’s craft/dog room on my fabric dog bed or in my crate.

22. Do I like to swim? NO NO NO. They have tried. Missy has a life jacket and goes right in the pool and swims. I have a life jacket too, but I’m so scared when I get in pool, way too much water. (We have life jackets b/c we are in the hurricane zone and we live 4 blocks from the lake and you saw what happed 2 years ago, so we’re prepared.) So when my family goes in the pool, I get my blue kiddie pool and the sprinkler and have the best time.

23. Can I make puppies? Yes. My mom is hoping that one day she will find a young guy worthy of my feminime ways and we can have husky pups running all over. We’ll need a bigger house, she’ll never part with them.

24. My favorite place to visit? That would be the kitchen – so many things to taste.

25. Do I give kisses? Yes indeed.

26. Can I potty on command? I’m learning to. Sometimes I forget, but my pee pee pads are always down and I don’t miss.

27. Do I cuz? No, I'm a sweet little girl.

I’m gonna add one extra:

28. Do I behave when we go for a walk? No. I pull and walk very fast. I’m a sled dog, what do you expect. I heard something about a gentle leader being ordered. Who is this and why do I need a leader. I’m the leader.

New Goose

Hi to everyone. I got a new goose today. I tore the other one up, and Mom felt sorry for me. I had the best time running and tossing it and making it honk. Let's see how long it will last.

We're supposed to go swimming tomorow, so I should have some fun pictures to show.

Husky Kisses. MayaMarie

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Look what came by our house today-Ducks!

Here I was sitting in my widnow and they came by. I ran to the kitchen and did the husky roo roo thing to tell her to come see. They were so cute.

A mama duck was going down the sidewalk with her babies and you should have seen the humans stopping traffic to let them cross the street heard them in the right direction. Lake Pontchartrain is about 4 blocks from our house and so the humans wanted to be sure they got there with out any problems. I would have helped, but my Mom said that my help was not needed. Oh well, I offered.

A Squirrel in our Yard

Here's a picture of me and my older sister Missy. We didn't pose for this, we were "misbehaving" as Mom calls it and she tapped on the window and lucked out and got a really good picture. The statue behind us is of our older brother Cubby. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. But he really was that big!

My Mom saw this and had to take a picture. See the squirrel? He's sitting on the arm of the chair at the table. Can you believe this? She sent my older sister Missy out, but the squirrel was too fast for her.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Best Cookies

Hi again. I wanted to tell you'all about my dog cookies. My Mom made these today. They are the best. She came up with the recipie (she likes to create) and they are healthy for me and there's nothing in them to make me sick. (I got really sick from the dog food recall.) These are my cheesey oat flour biscuits.

Let me introduce myself

Hi. I'm MayaMarie. A very spoiled Husky. I spend a lot of my time looking out the front window of our house. It's very hot here in the south, and my Mom lets me stay inside. I am one very lucky pup. This is my first post, so I'm not sure about what else you want to know about me. Here'a picture of me looking out the window.