Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Do you know what this is?

Well, I guess I'm in trouble again. Do you know what this is? I thought it was really nifty to chew on. Mom walked into the kitchen and saw me with "something" in my mouth. I knew I should not have had it, so I dropped it and went to my bed under the hutch like I was innocent. She kept asking, What is this? and Where did you get it?

No idea. Well, it took her quite a while and she was she was picking up fluff in the corner by the cabinet, and she looked at this big red cylinder and she figured out what it was. It's part of this fire extungisher thing. She got the metal ring thing and was figuring out how to put it back and of course, I had to go assist. After all, I removed it. I know where it went.
Needless to say she actually asked me "MayaMare what were you thinking? Suppose you had pulled on the handle and it went off? "

I guess that would have been bad huh? She would not let me plead "cute puppiness" for this offense. I had to sit there and watch her put the "fun to chew metal thing back in the red cylinder." My mom explained that this was for possible fire incidents in the kitchen and that this would put out a fire. "I didn't know." And that I could have really gotten hurt playing with these parts.

I have to give her some credit, while she was making space to put it in the cabinet under the sink, she told me that it was not entirely my fault, and she did accept part of the blame for putting it there and that she should known that I would find it "interesting." After all, I am a husky.

She gave me hug and told me she was sorry for putting me in danger, and at least I dropped the part and did not eat something that would make me sick. So I'm not in so much trouble now.
(note from Mom: The fire extinguisher was put there for safety, and is heavy and has been in the kitchen for months. She has never bothered with it. Why suddenly today, she noticed it, I do not know, but I am glad I caught her with the part. Even though it was there for our safety in case of a fire, she could have gotten herself seriously ill. So take note and move things that you least expect them to bother with. They will notice these things and get themsevles in trouble. This was my fault, not her's, and just knowing what "could have happened" is enough). We know it's not a "fun" post, but it is important. We'll post something fun. Promise.

Hope all of you'all are staying out of trouble.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Friday, July 27, 2007

Things we Like to Do

Happy Friday to All. We were tagged by Magic and Georgie about some fun stuff. Missy wanted to play too, so here’s our answers:

1)Where is your favorite place to sleep? As you can see Me and Missy like to sleep in the kitchen (as close to food as possible, huh?).
2) Is there a specific trick you humans make you do to get treats? Okay, why do you have to do a trick? Who thought of this? The only thing I will do is kiss (touch my nose to your nose) only if I want to. Mom is trying to get me to learn to sit before she will put my food bowl down, and I wish her luck.

Oh, MayaMarie, you are such a teenage pup with an attitude. I will give my paw, sit, kiss nose, and will bark two.
Look at this picture. I just can’t bring myself to do that. She is such a goody goody. She does this to make me look spoiled.

3) If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all with anyone, what would you do and with whom? Both of us agree that we would love to go on errands in the air conditioned husky mobile with Mom and take naps in the sunroom with Dad.

4) What is your favorite toy? My favorite would be my molecule with squeakies on all the ends. It’s very noisy. What about you Missy?

I don’t have a favorite toy any more as you have destroyed most of them. And I really disagree with your favorite toy, I think it’s me. You pull on my ears, bite my tail, and make me squeak.

5) If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be? Missy and I talked about this and there’s nothing we would change. We are happy with our lives just the way they are.
Okay, I tag Dakota, Indy, Peanut and Pippa.

Husky nose kisses to all. MayaMarie

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Went for A Ride and Potato Bowls

Hey to all. It's been so hot here, going for a walk is miserable. Mom felt sorry for us and took us for a ride in the HuskyMobile. Of course she had to cover the seats with towels to keep our fluff from attaching it self to the seats (it does not help, but if she thinks it does, then okay).
What was a surprise it was that we actually had a good ride. We didn't get tangled up and we behaved. (Missy told me that if we were good, this could be a daily thing, so we were on our best behavior).
As a treat when we got back, we got to clean the potato bowls. She made creamed potatoes, and then puts them in these bowls and puts cheese on top and then broils them to get crispy tops. Missy and I got to clean the bowls. Do you'all get to clean the bowls? They went in the dishwashwer after, and besides, we're family.
Look at how Missy holds her bowl with her paw. Mine kept moving around, but I still cleaned it good.

Hope all of you have a Happy Day. MayaMarie

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You Can Vote For Me!

I am so excited! The Brat Pack and their Mom nominated my picture refusing to be vacuumed for Photo of the Month. How cool is that? There are some other good photos nominated too, but you can vote for me, Can’t you?

Even if I don’t win that’s okay, but to be nominated, I’m so excited, I had to run around with my purple puppy. Thank you Brat Pack and your Mom!!
Husky Hugs to All, MayaMarie

Monday, July 23, 2007

Favorite Books

I was tagged by Holly to tell about my favorite books. Well let me tell you, my Mom has a lot of books. Dad told her if we are going to move to Green Bay, WI (we’re hoping next year in the spring, – keep your paws crossed and your tails curled, that this works out), she is gonna need a lot of boxes for her books (we won't discuss her crafts and dog stuff, probably a second truck, harooo roo roo).

1) Puppies, Dogs & Blue Northers by Gary Paulsen. It’s about his love of sled dogs and his extreme love, for a special one, named Cookie. Mom has to read this and hug us and cry too.
(why they have to read and cry and hug us, I can’t figure out, but I’m there for her)

2) All of Susan Conant’s books. They are a fun mystery series about Holly Winter and her two Alaskan Malamutes Rowdy and Kimi. She lost half of her collection (all first edition hardbacks) in the “big flood of 2005 in New Orleans.” She was able to find a few in paperback on ebay and when she explained what happened to the seller and asked if she came across any more to please let her know, (she says this seller is a wonderful person), the seller got in touch with the Susan Conant (can you believe it), who then sent my Mom replacements, autographed by herself and her Alaskan Malamute! (Of course this act of kindness made her cry again). My Mom has been re-reading them for me, and I just love them.

3) To Heal A Heart, An Inspirational Romance by Arlene James. She told me that it was a special book for her, because it helped her overcome a terrible guilt she could not overcome after she had to let Cubby cross the Rainbow Bridge. (You'all love us way much more than anyone can imange)
I think it’s also a pretty love story and all us girls like love stories.

4) She has The Taz Adventures, Dogged and Determined by Scott Ski too!!. (what is it with you ladies and this book that you enjoy it so much) She keeps it on the bookshelf by her desk and it has various pages marked that she loves to read and tell me about. You know it’s only giving me more ideas. (And yes her’s is autographed by Scott and Taz and his Missy too!) (You know, you’all need to form a club called “women and their sled dogs,” you really do). Her favorite page, that she has this piece of paper sticking out is about promising to hug and love us.
I like that!

5) Running North by Ann Mariah Cook. This is one that she is currently reading. It’s a true story by the Mom (Ann Cook), about her family and how they move to Alaska to run the Yukon Quest and take all their Siberian Huskies with them. From what we have read, it’s really good and I have decided that I like being a “domestic” sled dog." These dogs are doing the real thing, in real snow and real cold. I admit I am one spoiled husky in the window.
(For the sled dog coliation that left me a comment, I did not mean to offend anyone about sled dogs or support crulety to them. I was only sharing a favorite book about what this family and their dogs went through to particpate in the Yukon Quest. Please accept my apologies.)

Hope you’all have either read these or will give them a try.

I tag Dakota, The Brat Pack, Guiness & Shilo, Pippa and Cosmos & Juneau.

Oh, here’s a picture of us on the sofa with Dad. Missy got her big self up there (something was said that it was her sofa first and then I came along, hummmm.....) and she tried to get all the hugs, I made sure I got in the middle of it.

Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie
(she figured out how to change the colors and fonts, this should be interesting)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Busy Morning

We had a busy morning. It's so hot and humid here, we did not stay outside long. Me and Missy did yard patrol for Mom. Had to make sure eveything was okay with the pool and make sure the squirrels were in their tree next door and not in our yard. It's gonna rain again.....
Missy was tired when we came in, so she took a nap. I had to help Mom with the new printer. The other printer got a really bad paper jam that broke the ink carriage and would cost too muh to fix. She called it all sorts of names. She opened the new printer box. Look at all the stuff in this box. Does she have a clue?? I looked for the book and the cables. It has these cute little ink cartridges in pretty colors, and is very different from the old one. After we got everything out the box and hooked it up, It actually works! Now she needs to print all our pictures for our scrapbooks. So, you see, with the help of a good K-9, you can do anything. And besides, we found 4 squeaky balls under her desk.
Because of all the help, we got a special lunch. An omlette with brown rice, these glutten free, organic? chicken hot dogs (no chemicals and such). And then she sprinkled it with parmesean cheese. Oh you'all, it was yummy! I'll help anytime.

I hope you pups have a good day too! I'm gonna go lay across the sofa and watch a dvd. Mom found her Air Bud dvd (the very first one, she says that's the good one) and will put it on for us.
Woo woo to all.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Missy Wants to Play With Me !!!

What's going on with Missy? She's been wanting to play with me. I just don't know what to make of it. Usually when I bring her a toy and tell her "raroo roo roo" she looks at me like I'm from another planet.
Today she got my molecule, the thingy with the squeakies in all the ends and told me "Ruffff" (she speaks more shepherd than husky). I just didn't know what to do. I grabbed an end and started pulling. We were having a good time, then she got tired and layed down with it, and once Missy lays down, she is not moving. But we had fun.
Later, she went for my new purple puppy. She got up and grabbed it and walked around the kitchen with it and "ruffed" at me. I was in shock. I jumped up, grabbed it's ear and tried to get it back, but she just kept on pulling. She would not let go. We went at this for a while and finally Mom said those words, "please play nice." This of course had the opposite effect and it turned into a real tug of war. Eventually, it got taken away before we tore it in half. It was fun though, and I hope Missy plays with me again.
There's not much else to do because it's so hot outside, and it's really been raining a lot. Hope you pups are enjoying your summer days too!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our Time Capsule

Good Saturday morning to all! We had pancakes. Some kind of organic mix and mom added blueberries. Yes, they were yummy. I think me and Missy have the life. What more could we ask for. Syrup would have been nice, but that didn't happen.

Army of Four tagged us about a time capsule. Zim talked about this with a very stylish scarf on. It matched Zim's husky fluff !

I had no clue what a time capsule was and Mom explained it. I got some of my things together to make a box for this time capsule.

1) Biscuit recipies for all the pups to have yummy healthy treats.

2. A walking harness so that the future dogs
can see how well we were dressed for walking with our humans.

3) A few stuffies. You have to have some fun.

4) I added my water bowl. You have to have that for water, and for playing. It makes this really great sound on the ceramic tile floor when you push it around and bark at it.

I was not sure what else. I asked Missy to
help, as she was over there on my bed, watching me do all the work. (I had to find a way to get her
off my bed). And Missy added:

5) An airtight container of biscuits. She said that was important. She could not explain why, but I think it was becasue she wanted one.

I tag Indy, Dakota, Opy, Guiness & Shiloh and Ivy.

Let's see what you'all add. This is gonna be one big doggy time capsule.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Biscuits for Indy

We made biscuits today. They are Indy Inspired Biscuits. You see, he has allergies to more food than me, and me and Missy felt bad about that. I was concerned that he probably does not get as many treats as me and Missy. So I convinced Mom to create a recipe for him.

She calls them “Indy’s Beef Stew Biscuits” and they came out really good. The woman actually bought a New York Strip for this. I’m not kidding. Look at the ingredients. She even shredded the baby carrots.

“Indy’s Beef Stew Biscuits”

Okay, I hope you pups get your moms to make these. They really are good. Beef, carrots, some potato flakes and real beef broth. What more could you ask.

I actually took the cookie from her hand and she got the shot. Amazing. Even she was surpised.


Monday, July 9, 2007

I Was Nominated For Something!!!

Look at this! I was nominated by Sita and Tia and Sasha. I would like to thank you for this nomation. I accept and am totally honored. Me, a puppy, got a nomation. Aroo roo roo!!!!!

This is my honored pose. I can't want to tell Missy I got an award. Does this mean I can have a apple oat carrot muffin? Yes it does.
I would like to nominate Lorenza and Queen Kelsey and any of the girls at Maw Paw and
Thank you Sitka and Tia and Sasha.
(Mom will eventually figure out how to add it to my blog. If she can't she'll ask.)

Vacuuming !!!

Okay, I hope you'all can stand this.

Mom vacuumed. She has this bagless cannister thing that she drags around the house. I chase it, bark at it and defend my stuffies from it. It is taking all my fluff that I make sure is in just the right places so that when sun comes thru the windows you can see fluff bunnies. They are so cute.

But do you think Missy is any help? Noooooo. Look at her. She gets by Mom, nudges her hand and does this ruff ruff thing and wags her large body. She wants to be vacuumed!!!!! Can you believe this?! I had to share as this is just not acceptable.

Then she actually had the nerve to ask me if I wanted a turn. A turn at what? Don't even think about touching me with that thing. It sucks up my beautiful fluff. The evil furminator is enough. Get that thing away from me. What is a pup to do??

Then she had the nerve to pass the swiffer mop. I attacked that too!

Someone has to keep order in this house and obviously it is up to me.
Husky ra roo roos.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hello Fellow Pups

Hi fellow pups. Hope all of you were safe and not too scared on the 4th. Mom had to sleep with me and Missy in the dog room b/c even though fire works are supposed to be against the law in our area and it rained most of the day, that did not stop people in the neighboorhood. We have to follow the rules, but humans don’t. Turbo needs to do something about this. The booms were so loud. We just wanted her with us. Good thing our sofa is comfortable for Mom. She says Missy snores and I have noisy dreams and move my feet. Like she doesn’t snore or move her feet. I’ll learn to work that camera yet.

Mom baked us some peanut butter oat cookies. They were so good and we got to clean the peanut butter jar (of course she didn’t have the camera ready. she really needs to take lesses from the Army of 4's Mom), and they came out really good. Here’s the recipe so your moms can make some for you over the weekend. She let me get one out of the cooling pan. You know I took more than one. What pup wouldn't??

MayaMarie’s Peanut Butter Oat Biscuits

After dinner, Dad likes a few pieces of cheese. Well, we like this after dinner custom. It should be custom that all pups get cheese after dinner. Of course, we go to his end of the table and he can’t resist us. It was baby gouda and it is soooo good. How can a pup live without this? I run to that big white box with the double doors every time they open it in hopes they will get it out again, but no. Any clues on how to open it?

We had to watch carefully to make sure he cut it just right. Just look at it. And the taste, so good.

Have any of you pups had bison or buffalo? They sell it at our grocery now and I heard Mom telling Dad she was going to get a couple of steaks tomorrow for him to grill. I’m hoping to get a taste and I’ll let you know.

Hope you’all enjoy the cookies.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Stuff about Momand Dad

Okay, Ivy tagged me, so here’s some stuff about my mom and dad. I liked the way some of you did it asking questions, so I did that too.

So what did you do before you became a stay at home dog mom and what is your name?
I was a legal secretary for 30 years. I had to dress up, wear pretty shoes, answer phones and type everything for 5 lawyers. Be glad I retired. You know me as mom, but my name is Gerri.

Do you do anything else besides cook for me and Missy and clean house?
I run all the errands, take you two to the vet, pay the bills, and go to that store that has all your favorite foods call the grocery. Is there anything special you want when I go tomorrow?

The fresh ground turkey breast is my favorite, but salmon would be nice for a change? You only gave us a taste that one time and it was so good.
Salmon? You need to stop paying attention to the cooking shows. Maybe chicken breast or some ground lamb, but unless you go see the guy at the grocery and convince him to mark down salmon, that’s not gonna happen.

Okay, I know we are a full time job, but you must do other stuff?
I do like to make the cute Christmas felt kits from the craft catalogs, and yes, I know you need a Christmas stocking too. That’s the next project. I did like to make my earrings, but since you have shown an interest in my beading supplies, I have had to put them away for now. I’ve started scrap booking, and I’m working on some picture books of you, Missy and Cubby. You just need to stay away from the pretty paper.

You say his name a lot, who is this Cubby?
He was my first sled dog. An Alaskan Malamute and some White German Shepherd. He was a big guy (150 pds) and he had a beautiful wooing singing voice and was very special to me. His harness is so big, I don't think you'll ever fit in it. I'll have to call Black Ice and have them make you one of your own. He crossed the rainbow bridge 2 years ago, and became my rainbow dog.
Why do you call him your rainbow dog?
Because after a rain shower he would go to the front door and woo woo, and we would go walking and looking for rainbows, and when he saw one he would look up at the sky and woo woo at it. He really did.

A very cool dog. Here’s a picture of him in front of the sofa, smiling. He actually looked at rainbows. If you say so. Hmmmm.

Okay what about dad?
Dad is a VW mechanic and Mr. Fix It around the house. If you and Missy break it or scratch it he fixes it. Like the kitchen table incident? And his name is Steve.
I plead “puppy cuteness” and blame Missy. She’s old enough to know better and besides who put’s a tie out around the kitchen table leg.
You were only 3 months old, who knew you would pull the table and yes Missy did tease you. Well, Dad fixed it and you need to let that incident go. It didn’t fall on us, and as for the floor, well, you’re gonna remodel the kitchen anyway. Just remember there are other dogs that have been helping with the choosing of flooring and and paint colors, and I want to be a part of that too.

Here’s a picture of me on Dad’s giant tool box. Cool huh. I’m still his puppy and he gives me cookies when I want, not when “she” says I can. I can get away with anything if I roo roo and give him husky kisses.

Now, do you two have a life other than us. I mean, what else do you do? You’are here all the time and we want to travel in the big vehicle.

We work in the yard so you have a safe place. We take you swimming in the pool. Well, Missy anyway. You chickened out and wanted to play in your pool with the sprinkler. We may be going somewhere in a few weeks. Be patient it's hot and gas prices are still high.

Okay, but the pool, it’s too much water for me, and besides, Missy looks like a dog in a suitcase, and that’s just not my look. I would rather chase my sprinkler and play in my own pool.

Just look at her. It even has a handle on it for lifting us. She will do anything to get the attention away from me.

See, my pool, all to myself and I don't have to wear that suitcase thing.

Well, that’s enough talking for you. This is my blog and it’s about me, so why not work on dinner. I heard you telling dad we were having fried chicken and creamed potatoes tonight. I know he’ll sneak me a taste when you’re not looking. All I have to do is give him my paw under the table and make the soft roo roo noise.

I forgot. I'm supposed to tag 3 others. I tag Dakota, Magic and Georgie and Army of Four, if you'all have not already been tagged.

Hope you'all enjoy.