Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Missy

Well, mom got all the cookie stuff out today. We had cookies, so where were these gonna be going? Look at what she made! Two big heart cookies! And, she put peanut butter between them.
Then she got out the special bowls, put some of our favorite yorgur on top and then the candles!
Of course, I had to be right there in the middle of it. It's Missy's Birthday! We wood Happy Birthday to Missy and everyone, even mom and dad had a piece of birthday cookie cake. It was so yummi!
Me and Bella can't wait until October for our bithdays. We get our own special cakes too! Hmmm, what flavor will I want? Will Bella be able to decide?
Missy sure enjoyed her Happy Birthday! She's nine years old and still plays with us and she gets free run of the house.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting Things Done in the Kitchen and Award

Hello my furry friends! We thank Thor and Marco Polo and their kitty siblings and our buddy Echo for this award. Since we love everyone's bloggies. If you did not get this, well you are awared it too! We just wish we could get mom to blog more, hint hint. We will try to make to do better.

Hope all of you are doing well and keeping husky cool. Things are finally done in the kitchen (except for the tile backsplash, but that has to wait for a while) and now mom can get her cookie business going. We three had a meeting and agreed that cookies needed to be made. This is the finished cookie baking area. Those gates are not always there, just sometimes, when we get out of control with zoomies. Something about she had just vacuumed up the husky fluff and did not need out help with the vacuum.

Here's all the cookie baking stuff. We love seeing these things out on the counter. Mom was making an order for Steve and Kat. Oh my dogness, you should have seen that box of cookies. It smelled amazing.

Of course, we did get to taste them to be sure they were just right. We deserve a whole bowl of cookies each for this picture, with yogurt on top!

The weather is finally nice here and we have been outside having a good time. We hope it gets cooler soon. We got some really cool awards and will post about them over the weekend. And we will get some outside photos too!

Husky Hugs to All.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home is Wonderful!

Hello to all our Furry Friends! Thank you for all your well wishes. A lot of you know we came back home. We left to evacuate and the traffic was gridlocked, and there were no gas stations and no stopping allowed on the way. Mom and Dad agreed home was best, so we took the last available u-turn and headed home. Mom and Dad upacked the huskymobile and got us settled in. As you seek our beds got stacked up during the day as we were only allowed in three rooms (for safety reasons and keeping us cool). And I had to guard the dog cookies.
Missy had her favorite spot under the desk and Bella likes the kitchen floor. Of course our kitchen was not finished, but now that the storm is over and things are getting back to normal it is supposed to be finished this week! We can't wait.
Now that the storm is over and we have that electric stuff back on, mom can bake cookies. I was helping her unpack the Happy Hearts Dog Cookies container. She actually packed up her cookie cutters, measuring stuff and her special gift from Frankie, Maddie and Dominio. She made us cookies yesterday, as we were completely out and we deserved them because we such good pups during the storm.
Here's a short video of us looking out the window after the storm had kinda passed late that afternoon. The pool was so full of leaves and stuff, but dad cleaned it out the next day. It's not the best video, but mom tried.
We thank all of you. Checking up on us and keeping us in your thoughts and the SMS'ers that sent all those husky/mal vibes that got our electricity back on Thursday night. We were so happy to have the husky air back on. And believe us, husky/mal vibes really do work!
From Gerri: thank you everyone! We were very fortunate that all we lost was power and we had a small generator going that kept the frig on and a small portable room a/c that kept the pups cool. We were prepared to stay in the beginning and felt we made the right decision. The only motel we could find was in northern Arkansas and it would have taken us 2 day sto get there. So home was best. The only damage we had was a piece of siding/soffit of the side of the house by the gutter. We can fix that. The pups were very, very good. It's funny now, when it's get dark and starts to rain, they go to their crates now and wait for me to come sit by them like I did during the storm. The kitchen will be finished this week, and I can get back to baking dog cookies. Our capital, Baton Rouge was hit the hardest, so the department that issuses the license asked that I wait a week before I send in my application. Thank you again for your thoughts. It was the greatest feeling to know how much all of you cared!!!!
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie, Missy, Bella, Gerri and Steve