Sunday, August 23, 2009

What is it about tails?

HaWoo My Furry Friends! Hope all of woo are keeping cool, inside, in the husky air. We've been busy helping mom with cookie orders and testing some new flavors. Hope all the taste testers are ready!

I have to tell woo all about tails.... Woo see, I like to use Bella's fluffy tail as a pillow when I am sleeping on the cool tile floor. It's very comfy and Bella does not mind.

Well, Dad said that our fluffy tails may be pretty, but he wanted ... do woo see this? Aligator tail on the grill. Mom says this is what happens when she sends him to the grocery unsupervised. This is our stuffie aligator and Dad wanted us to see that it could be tastey on the grill.
Me and Bella checked it out, and guess who had to prepare it for the grill.....Mom of course. It's cut up, frozen piceces of aligator Mom made gator kabobs. Kinda strange if woo ask us. Dad liked it, Mom said is was "okay" and we were just not sure about it. Missy of coruse ate her piece, Bella spit her's out, and I dropped mine on the carpet and rolled on. Dinner can some times be quite interesting.
Me and Bella decided we would rather share out tails on the cool tile floor than eat aligator tail. Mom made sure we got our after dinner treat of a Wheat Free Three Cheese Squirrel with a piece of cheddar cheese on it.
Hope all of woo are well and all that need good vibes are getting them and feeling better. We will try to get mom to do better with our bloggy. She's got some really great pictures to share.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie