Monday, July 2, 2007

Stuff about Momand Dad

Okay, Ivy tagged me, so here’s some stuff about my mom and dad. I liked the way some of you did it asking questions, so I did that too.

So what did you do before you became a stay at home dog mom and what is your name?
I was a legal secretary for 30 years. I had to dress up, wear pretty shoes, answer phones and type everything for 5 lawyers. Be glad I retired. You know me as mom, but my name is Gerri.

Do you do anything else besides cook for me and Missy and clean house?
I run all the errands, take you two to the vet, pay the bills, and go to that store that has all your favorite foods call the grocery. Is there anything special you want when I go tomorrow?

The fresh ground turkey breast is my favorite, but salmon would be nice for a change? You only gave us a taste that one time and it was so good.
Salmon? You need to stop paying attention to the cooking shows. Maybe chicken breast or some ground lamb, but unless you go see the guy at the grocery and convince him to mark down salmon, that’s not gonna happen.

Okay, I know we are a full time job, but you must do other stuff?
I do like to make the cute Christmas felt kits from the craft catalogs, and yes, I know you need a Christmas stocking too. That’s the next project. I did like to make my earrings, but since you have shown an interest in my beading supplies, I have had to put them away for now. I’ve started scrap booking, and I’m working on some picture books of you, Missy and Cubby. You just need to stay away from the pretty paper.

You say his name a lot, who is this Cubby?
He was my first sled dog. An Alaskan Malamute and some White German Shepherd. He was a big guy (150 pds) and he had a beautiful wooing singing voice and was very special to me. His harness is so big, I don't think you'll ever fit in it. I'll have to call Black Ice and have them make you one of your own. He crossed the rainbow bridge 2 years ago, and became my rainbow dog.
Why do you call him your rainbow dog?
Because after a rain shower he would go to the front door and woo woo, and we would go walking and looking for rainbows, and when he saw one he would look up at the sky and woo woo at it. He really did.

A very cool dog. Here’s a picture of him in front of the sofa, smiling. He actually looked at rainbows. If you say so. Hmmmm.

Okay what about dad?
Dad is a VW mechanic and Mr. Fix It around the house. If you and Missy break it or scratch it he fixes it. Like the kitchen table incident? And his name is Steve.
I plead “puppy cuteness” and blame Missy. She’s old enough to know better and besides who put’s a tie out around the kitchen table leg.
You were only 3 months old, who knew you would pull the table and yes Missy did tease you. Well, Dad fixed it and you need to let that incident go. It didn’t fall on us, and as for the floor, well, you’re gonna remodel the kitchen anyway. Just remember there are other dogs that have been helping with the choosing of flooring and and paint colors, and I want to be a part of that too.

Here’s a picture of me on Dad’s giant tool box. Cool huh. I’m still his puppy and he gives me cookies when I want, not when “she” says I can. I can get away with anything if I roo roo and give him husky kisses.

Now, do you two have a life other than us. I mean, what else do you do? You’are here all the time and we want to travel in the big vehicle.

We work in the yard so you have a safe place. We take you swimming in the pool. Well, Missy anyway. You chickened out and wanted to play in your pool with the sprinkler. We may be going somewhere in a few weeks. Be patient it's hot and gas prices are still high.

Okay, but the pool, it’s too much water for me, and besides, Missy looks like a dog in a suitcase, and that’s just not my look. I would rather chase my sprinkler and play in my own pool.

Just look at her. It even has a handle on it for lifting us. She will do anything to get the attention away from me.

See, my pool, all to myself and I don't have to wear that suitcase thing.

Well, that’s enough talking for you. This is my blog and it’s about me, so why not work on dinner. I heard you telling dad we were having fried chicken and creamed potatoes tonight. I know he’ll sneak me a taste when you’re not looking. All I have to do is give him my paw under the table and make the soft roo roo noise.

I forgot. I'm supposed to tag 3 others. I tag Dakota, Magic and Georgie and Army of Four, if you'all have not already been tagged.

Hope you'all enjoy.


The Brat Pack said...

Great interview! I love Salmon too, but don't get it much. Our humans need to work harder to make more money to buy us Salmon.

Cubby looks like a cool dude, we bet he loved your Mom tons.


PS We're trying out the AvoDerm baked food too and we like it so far. Mom bought some of the cans which we reeeally like but she said something about maybe it putting her in the poorhouse. Whatever that means.

Anonymous said...

Oh MayaMarie... wonderful interview and beautifully executed!! That Rainbow story about Cubby made mom tear up when I read this interview to her. It is very special!


Khady Lynn said...

What a great interview! I wish my mom could stay home all day! But, we do have dad during the day and mom during the night, so at least we always have one of them here. I like your pool! I wouldn't like the suitcase thing either, so would probably choose your little one.

What a beautiful boy Cubby was! He was actually bigger than me, as I weight 122! It would be nice to have another "big" dog to play with, as I have at least 40 pounds on the other 4 in my house!


One Little Birdie said...

We'll bet that Cubby and our General have met at the bridge and are hanging out while waiting for us - they seem like they would have been very good friends...sniff

Dakota said...

OOOOHHHHH! I got tagged. I can't wait to interview The Mom!
Your interview will be really, really hard to beat though. I loved the story about Cubby. He sounds like a good guy.

Sasha said...

Salmon? I don't get that either.
Maybe they can give us salmon with our liverwurst.

Lorenza said...

Hi, MayaMarie
You did a great job with your mom's interview.
Sure Cubby had a lovely story with your family!
I have a mini pool too!! I like it a lot!
I'd love to have my mom at home all day, but she says she has to work to pay my food, toys and vet bills!!
Give kisses and hugs to you mom and dad for me, ok?

Ivy said...

wow! you are sooooo lucky to get all that yummy food from the store! i wish i cud give my peepol a dog shopping list.

i think you shud try swimming in the big pool - it is sooooo much fun! i luv to swim and get in the water every chance i get.

Peanut said...

Cubby was a beautiful dog and big to. Though not as beautiful as you of course.

Kapp pack said...

That is such a touching story about Cubby. I wish we got salmon here too! Check out my blog sometime

-Kelsey Ann

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

You dad hs the same name as me! That is really cool. I bet he is one awesome dude if his name is Steve.


Katherine and Pippa said...


I thought I had commented on your blog but I can't find it. Stupid mistress must have stuffed it up.

Anyway, great post and fine pix.

Ruffs Pippa