Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas All Our Furry Friends and Your Families

Merry Christmas to all our furry friends and to your familes! Mom's gonna fix us a Christmas turkey loaf today. And do you know what they are having? This "turducken" thing. It smells so yummy in the oven. It's a turky, stuffed with a duck, suffed with a chicken and it has all sorts of stuffing inside it. Maybe we can use those husky eyes and get just a taste. I'll let everyone know.

Of course mom wanted Christmas pictures, here I am by the tree. Where are the presents I've been hereing about that this Santa Paws brings? And I have been good, so there's no excuse. I even left the train on its tracks this time.
Here's Missy, I think she's wondering the same thing. Of course she's been really good and she's even a good puppy hearder for mom when Bella escapes from he kitchen.
Of course Bella had to look at everything on the tree. She didn't take anything off, but she sure looked at everything.
Look at the presents under our tree. We each got a box filled with fun stuff.
We played for quite a while. We had the red spotted balls for a while, but now we needs naps. Bella and I lay be the gate so we can see each other.
Well, Merry Christmas to all of you. Give your moms and dads lots of kisses and hugs. We are all very thankful for such a happy home and all that we have. We love all our bloggy friends and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!!
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie, Missy, and Bella.

Puppy Update

Hi my furry friends! Here are a few pictures of me and the new pup. We all agreed on Bella Donna for her name, and we'll call her Bella for short. Here's a picture of me and Bella playing under the kitchen chair. She's so soft, I just can't help myself. We play nice for a while and then we both get too ruff. You know, puppies have really sharp teeth and is she fast!
Here we are playing with duck. Duck now has one wing and no feet. Mom says he does not have long so we better enjoy him.
We've been having fun and I really like my new playmade and buddy. I can't wait till she gets bigger and can run zoomies with me all over. Missy now has the sunroom all to herself. She likes Bella too! She was ruffing at her and wagging her tail. I have to get a picture of Missy the queen so you can see that she is really living it up now.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Friday, December 21, 2007

Dad's Big Secret Surprises !!!!!

Oh my furry friends! You are not gonna believe what our dad has done. It’s just too much! The first one was kinda talked about, but mom did not expect it to happen just yet. And besides, they really had not decided on what to get. The SECOND BIG SURPRISE – Oh My Dogness – Wait until you see! Mom was not prepared for or expecting “her.”

Here’s the first surprise – Dad took mom’s cr-v to work because he told her it needed some things done to it and he wanted to get it cleaned. Well, look what he brought home for mom. A new Honda Oddessy Van. Just right for us pups. We can jump right in and ride. Mom did not expect him to do this and he got her the pretty blue.

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for…… the Second Big Surprise. What more can I say!!!!!
Look at her. Mom was so shocked. Missy was very happy and wagging her tail and me, I could not stop aroo roooing. We got a real live stuffie! And she makes noise and all.
She's in the kitchen mostly and Missy gets the whole house to herself. Dad's sofa, the rug, and the big screen tv.
This was out time out session. She needed a nap and I needed to "chill.' I was just overcome with joy.
Now, she needs a name…… mom was so surprised and she will not put her down. We keep calling her “little pup.” But what to name her? Mom got her a collar at the vet today. She reminds us of a little polar bear. Mom said maybe “Bella Donna” or “Maggie May.” But we just don’t know. She is a pretty girl, and she’s been chasing me and taking my toys. I now have a playmate. I can’t wait till she gets bigger. I guess I’m no longer the “spoiled husky.” I think mom needs to change my blog to The Husky in the Window and her Sisters!
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nominated Post and Christmas Cards

Hi my furry friends! The handsome Amici nominated my post of Dec.2 for Post of the Month. You can find it here:
(note: it should be this post, the post about the outakes was put, and it was a joint mistake by all and Opy's mom made the change on the Bone Zone too. But, mom does not worry about mistakes, so Amici's mom, do not worry, as there are no mistakes, only happy changes. You see, mom's favorite tv show is the happy painter guy, Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting on PBS, so it's okay, it was all fun stuff.)
I am so honored to be nominated (thank you and kisses to Amici). I’m asking my friends to vote for me. Go to the Bone Zone and cast your vote.

Here’s some pictures of our DWB Christmas cards. Mom started off with a bulletin board and now she’s kinda pinning them to each other and it’s getting bigger and bigger and we got more in today. So she’ll be adding them too!

I had to include this. Do you see these tracks around the tree. She moved some of the stuffies and put this train thing. It goes around the tree and makes noise. I got to chase it, and she did get it on video, now she just has to figure out how to put it on our page for you'all to see. That's her assignment and so far she's wasting time. She's one of these people that actually has to have the book out and the cd. You would think she was in school. Just do it!!
And my sweet Juneau, don’t be jealous. You’re still my boyfriend, but I’ve had this secret crush on Amici ever since I was a little pup.

I hope everyone is keeping warm. We're actually getting some cold weather tonight, I can't wait to go out tomorrow morning.

Husky Hugs to All.......MayaMarie

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Keeping Busy

Hi my furry friends! Hope all of you are doing okay with the weather. We are still having spring and I am so glad mom has the husky air on. We think winter missed us completely.

This morning mom baked us peanut butter oat cookies. I got to clean the jar. It was so good.
Then we went outside for a while. Mom and Dad put all these bricks down on the weekend. There's less dirt and it wears down our nails. So that's okay with us. Of course, I had to aggravate Missy. Somebody has too!
This is what I got for helping with the DWB Christmas cards. I kept bringing mom the ball because we needed a break from all that card making.
Well, we are helping mom make more biscuits. Some of her friends want some for presents for their pups. We are the quality control team, and we have to taste each batch and we get the ones that get a little too brown on the edges. It's such a tough job. I think the last batch needed more cheese.
We have been getting so many cards. They are so pretty and fun. We will get her to take a picture of the bulletin board after she puts the ones we got today on it. We will try to visit each of sender's blog, but it will take a while, so be patient.
Husky Hugs to All.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Favorite Out Take

Hi Furry Friends! Not much happening here. Spring is back, so the husky air is on. What happened to winter? It's not here in the south.

Here is our favorite out take. It speaks for itself. Personally, I think it would have made a great Christmas card.
Mom's been working on the DWB Christmas cards and they should all be out by Monday, we have been getting in quite a few. She's gonna fix them on a bulletin board and take a picture for us.
Here's a picture that mom calls "A rare moment." Me and Missy sleeping together. I so want to sleep by her, but she's not very cuddley with me. How this happened I do not know, but I really enjoyed being next to her.
Well, all of you be good and stay cool.
Husky Hugs to all MayaMarie

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Out-Take, 8 Things, and our Tree

Hi Our Furry Friends! We thought it would be fun to share some of our photos that did make it as our Christmas card. We'll share some with each post. They did not like this one because I had duck with me, and then I got in front of Missy
Our buddy Indy tagged us about 8 things we love about oursevles. I'll do four and Missy will do four.
1) I love to give kisses; 2) I love to be nosy and get involved with anything mom is doing, whether it's laundry, cooking, or cleaning out cabinets; 4) I love that I came here at Christmas, it's a wonderful time;

Here's our secret for picture taking. The little cheesy dog biscuts mom makes. Someone did not move her hands fast enough or someone was not taking the picture correct. That certainally can not be on a Christmas card.
Here's Missy's: 1) I love to have peace and quite when MayaMarie takes a nap; 2) I love it when mom bakes fresh doggie biscuits; 3) I love people, any people; 4) I love that I can stare at dad and make him give me cherrios.
And here's a picture of our tree. Notice that mom has put stuffies all around it that I CAN NOT have. I watched her from behind the gate in the kitchen. Why does she torture me so? I hope she realizes that if I get one of these it's not my fault. And since my friends have advised me of this "special husky list" that Santa has, I know I will still get presents. Missy said that presents will be under the tree Christmas morning. Well, I think that all those stuffies are wonderful presents, don't you'all?
We tag Tasha & Eva, Cosmos & Juneau, Comet & Blue; and our new friend Togo. We hope that eveyone had a happy weekend and got to decorate. And if you got snow and played in it, we want to see pictures. All we can do is dream about it. It was so warm here mom had to put the husky air on.

Husky Hugs to All. MayaMarie and Missy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Missy's Report: Someone's In Trouble!

Arooo our furry friends! This is Missy and I'm reporting in. What is Santa gonna think? I keep telling MayaMarie to be nice. Does she listen? Noooooo. Her stocking is gonna be empty if she keeps this up. And I got it all right here. I had my trusty camera with me. Mom needs to know what goes on when she leaves the room.
First of all, Dad was supposed to be "watching the dogs". Mom tells him, "Please keep watch on MayaMarie while I go upstairs to take a shower." How hard is that I ask you? Well, just see for yourself. Does this look like he's watching the dog verision of Dennis the Menace? Noooooo. He tells me to keep an eye on MayaMarie. Like she's gonna listen to me.
Well, here she is, trying to act like she's just looking at the lights on the tree. Yeah, right.

Then she got up real close to it. I told her not to get that close. It's just for looking. Be a good girl and just walk away.
And what does she do next you ask? She puts one of the little while polar bears in her mouth. I said "ruff ruff ruff." But did she listen? No. I had to get really loud when she took it off the tree to get Dad's attention. He came in the room to see what was going on and started telling me to "be quite, don't let your mamma hear, or we'll all be in trouble." Well, da-ruff...... Or coruse, he had to chase her twice around the house with this little white polar bear because MayaMarie thinks chasing her while she does zoomies with a prize is great fun.

And this is where she ended up. Dad told me I did good job and that we have to keep her out of trouble. She pouted like this until Mom came downstairs. When she asked why was MayaMarie in her crate? I of couse started ruff ruffing. Dad told her that it was okay and nothing much happened, but to check her camera, because Missy seemed to be very busy by the tree.
Oh my furry friends, I was set up. This is so not fair. Dad was supposed to be watching me. How is this my fault? That little white polar bear is so cute and he fit just right in my mouth. I gotta get that camera away from Missy. Hmmmmm. Where is my masked hero? I need to be rescued.
Well, I hope this incident was caught in time and that Santa will understand that MayaMarie was stopped before something bad happened. I have to get her back on the nice list.
Husky Hugs, Missy and MayaMarie.

Monday, November 26, 2007

These look fun!

Hi my furry friends! Hope all had a good weekend. We did. No more medical incidents and mom thanks all of you for the well wishes.

Well, we got out the tree and the decorations and was this fun. Look at all these cute little things I can pick up and run with. And let me tell you, I am really fast when I take one of these and run.
The tree is jsut about done, so we'll have her put a picture for all to see. The big project was getting me and Missy to sit still by the tree for a picture for our Christmas Cards. Hawoo woo. That was work. We got lots of biscuits and we told to sit and stay and of course we don't sit and stay.
It this not the best place to sit? Mom's rocker had to be moved for the Christmas tree. It's in our room. This is nice. Can it stay here?
We're gonna help finish decorating and she needs to make more biscuits and now she has to print the pictures and get the cards out.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Friday, November 23, 2007

ThanksGiving & Special Award

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Furry Friends! We all have a lot to be thankful for, and are so glad to have all our blogger friends to share the holidays. We apologize for not blogging all week and leaving comments (we did check on everyone though). It seems this was the week for medical incidients and we were not left out either. It was not me this time. Seems mom had some kind of reaction to the pills the dr gave her for her men-a-paws issue. She got this rapid heart beat thing, very scary and lots of tests for her heart. But it was just her horror-mones causing the trouble with the pills. So no pills for a few days, then he changed her per-cripthing and it should be better now. I"m glad I will not go thru this men-a-paws thing, I like my paws just like they are now.

We want to wish Zim good husky vibes and feel goods kisses. And Sitka's gramdma needs lots of husky hugs too. We hope all are doing well.

We had a turkey yesterday. My first ThanksGiving. Missy kept telling me that they cook this very large bird in the cookie baking place and the smell thrugh the house was amazing. We did not leave the kitchen. Look at this bird. Oh Ymmm. And she made it pup friendly so we got some too. And she made us pup friend stuffing too with veggies. It was a good day and then we took naps. The weather was even cool and we played outside and had a good time.

Now we have to sooooo thank Sitka for this award. It's call the Be the Blog award. She says that "it is presented to a successful blogger, one who can be the blog, make it our own, stay with it, interact with our readers and just plain have fun." Wow !!!! This is such an honor. We do try hard to be good bloggers and we love being a member of this blogging family. Thank you Sitka and Tia. You'all are very cool.

We want to share this award with or buddies Star and Jack at Cyber-Sibes, Amici, Indy, and with my sweet cutie (wink wink) Juneau and big brother Cosmos. All of you'all deserve it too!

Okay, we hope all of you'all had a Happy ThanksGiving, are all getting well and staying well. We're gonna help mom get out the Christmas decorations today. Something about a picture needed for the cards? And she wants to go to some store to get supplies since she's now a week behind after that men-a-paws thing. Oh well, I know we'll get a treat becasue Office Depot is next to PetSmart. Hawoooooo. Healthy Edibles sound good.... I can have those.

Husky Hugs and Kisses to all. MayaMarie and Missy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh My Hero, I'm Blushing

Well, my furry friends. I just have to share. Juneau asked me to be his girlfriend. Me! Oh my dogness, I am soooo woooooing. He is so "athletic and debonair" and just like Zorro. (That's like my mom's favorite movie hero since she was a little girl, many, many, many years ago. And I think it's hysterical that Juneau's mom and my mom have this much in common. What's going on with these two?)
This is my "yes, I'll be your girlfriend picture. I'm making pretty eyes and sending you sweet aroo rooos. I'll be dreaming of my cute masked bandit tonight.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Interesting Day

Hi My Furry Friends! Not much excitement here. The weather got warm again, and we had to have the air conditioner on. Is fall ever gonna get here? While outstide this morning, look what I found. Mr. Pool Cleaner came to the edge and I was checking him out. Do you see that little guy sitting on the end of his basket?
Here's a close up. It was a little baby frog. He was riding around on the basket while Mr. Pool Cleaner was eating up the leaves. But When Mr. Pool Cleaner went under, poor little frog got all scared and clung to the edge of the pool. Mom got the net and scooped him out and set him free behind the garage. The people back there have some kind of pond and he must have got lost.
After that, we came back in. I had to check out the front window. Not much happening here. Not even grass cutting. Where is everybody?

Mom went to move the garbage cans and saw me, and of course she had to take a picture.
Well, since there's nothing going on out there, I played with my goose. I had fun running and tossing him. I think his squeaky is broken. Oh well.
I was tired after all that and decided to nap on ducky. See I had all my toys around me. That's my Husky toybox. Mom has quite a few of those for her crafts and gave me one for my toys. It's fun to dig in there and get toys out.
Hope all of you had a happy day.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sharing a Special Birthday

Hi my furry friends. We wanted to share a special day with you'all. Today is Cubby's birthday. Even though he crossed the rainbow bridge, his birthday is still on the calendar and mom says he still with us in spirit. Here's a puppy picture. He sure was a cute little white pup.
Now look at him many years later. Wow. He had those shepherd ears and those big malamaute paws. And look at the toys he had. Mom said he never destroyed his toys. Mom liked to lean against him while sitting on the floor and reading a book. She said he was the sweetest. He never barked, just woo wooed.
Mom calls this our group picture. I have to say he does watch over me. When I'm outside alone, my tie out gets hooked to his statute so that I can't get into any trouble. Missy says he was a big sweet guy, who was not concerned with barking or trouble and had a lovely wooing voice.
We hope you enjoyed these pictures we shared. I neve met him, but I'll take Missy's word for it that he was a special dog.
Hope everyone has a happy day and gets lots of hugs and love in honor of Cubby.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

Saturday, November 3, 2007

No More Bandages & Squirrel Cookies

Aroooo roooo my furry friends! The bandages, they are off! Mom cut them off this morning. Oh it felt so good! Here's me on this sofa just now playing with duck. I was not very picture cooperative today. I was too busy being happy about having my paws free.
Well, she made us cookies today. Squirrel cookies! They are our cheesy biscuits, but she got some new cookie cutters. Pans of squirrels. Since I can't seem to catch one, and they are out front when I look out my window just running around digging holes in the front lawn, I'll have to settle on eating squirrel cookies. Just wait till I get out front.
This is our favorite place. Mom can't figure out why we both have fit our big selves in a corner under the hutch behind a chair. We just like it there.
Hope everyone had a fun Saturday. What about this time change thing? Do you understand this setting your clocks to fall back? Dad is all excited because he gets an extra hour to sleep in. I don't know about you'all, but when me and Missy want to get up, we are kinda noisy. I guess mom will have come in our room in the morning to quiet us down. We like when she comes in our room and lays on the sofa with us.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Friday, November 2, 2007

Stiches, Window and Sofa

Hi My Furry Friends. Look at this. I got my sofa back. Aroo roo roooooo. The vet took my stiches out of my tummy. He did such a good job, now about these bandages on my paws. He took the stiches out, but to make sure I don't bite and lick them I have to wear these till Saturday. Mom said she will take them off tomrrow morning. Oh Saturday can't come fast enough.
It is so good to be able to get back on my sofa and to look out my window. I am sure there are things I have missed. Somebody across the street put in new plants, I see someone else cut the grass and I missed this. And the squirrels are everywhere.
This is our nap photo. Missy took the round bed, so I decided to make the nap interesting by sleeping under the chair. Getting up is quite eventful and it really annoys Missy.
Well, I get to run errands with mom this morning. I can't be left in my crate, because I try to eat my bandages, so I get to ride in the huskymobile and go through the bank drive thru. We're going out in the back yard later. I need to check on things.
Have A Happy Day. Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sharing Some Fun Photos

Hi My Furry Friends! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. I'm doing a lot better. I don't have to wear that lampshade much (only when mom is not in the room, so I don't eat my bandages.) I go to my vet on Wednesday to get my stiches out. I can't wait.

Today mom cleaned out some cabinets and put some stuff away for storage. She actually believes that she is gonna pack stuff away that we don't need and make the house look less cluttered. We wish her luck. We have been spreading fluff all over and it looks quite nice. Here's a picture of me looking up out the kitchen widnow. There were some crows out there making all sorts of noise. I still can't go out and run around. Mom felt sorry for me. And she went upstairs and brought down this very big yellow and orange duck. It belonged to her beloved Cubby. Here's a picture of him with it.
Seems that he never ripped or destuffed any of his toys. She said that she knows he would not mind if I played with it now. That's his bed that our Grandma D in Wisconsin gave him. Even though he got too big for it, he still liked to lay on it.

Now I get to have fun with this duck. It's so big and it squeaks. I promised that I would not destuff it or get the squeaky out. This is some toy. It's over 5 years old and look at it. Mom said Cubby took real good care of his toys.
Well, Missy got to go outside. I could not, because I'm not supposed to get my bandages ditry on my paws, but I watched her from the back door. She went and layed in the grass and barked at me. Just wait till I can get out there.
Hope you'all like these pictures. Now that mom figured out how to scan a picture in, me and Missy want her to post a picture of Cubby when he was a pup for his birthday. We'll have her work on that.
Thanks to all my friends for such good thoughts. I'm better and mom loves me just like I am. I'm glad all of you agree too!.
Husky Hugs and Love to all. MayaMarie.