Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday To Us!

Hello My Furry Friends! Can woos believe it? We all had birthdays! And Mom had no choice..... she had to make us our birthday cookies! Here's our cookies, and each one has our name on it.
Bella is two (her b/d was the 6th) and I am three today(the 8th). We each got our own special cookie. We didn't eat the whole thing, as we want some for later this afternoon.
Missy is 10 (last month on the 28th). This is the only good picture as she took her cookie and ate the whole thing! Me and Bella were amazed, for a senior, she was really fast.
Here I am again with my special cookie.
We hope everyone is having fun and being good for their humans. If any of woo can, send us some cool weather. It's been too hot to play outside, but we don't mind being in the husky air as long as mom is baking something.
Don't woo think our birthday cookies are great! We told mom that she should start a Happy Hearts Birthday/Gotcha/Anniversay Club so that all our customers can get a cookie too on their special day. Don't woos think that would be fun, to recieve a cookie for your special day and some extras for sharing.
Well, I'm going in the kitchen, I heard her asking Bella what should we have for breakfast? Hmmmm...
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie.