Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Cookie Announcement!

Hello My Furry Friends! Our Dog Cookies are here! Yes, I know, we seem to be talking about dog cookies a lot, but we have to help our mom. You see, she bakes them, and we do eat them, but now, she can sell them! She got all the proper analysis things done at that lab place. (sorry there were no real k-9 labs there) and she has her license and all the legal stuff. So you see that button on the side, you can go to the cookie website!
We were waiting for some cookies to come out of the oven. These were for us, so that made it even better.
This is one of the outtakes. Mom says we pay real good attention to the AO4's photo instructions. Bella would not look at the camera, Missy was fussing about not getting a cookie, and I was kinda miffed because there were no cookies in that pan. The good picture is on the website.

Here's a short video of someone tossing cookies over the counter for us. We do like not having a table here, but we've been told that one is coming soon, so enjoy the open space while we can. We have been making sure there is so much fur on it, that it looks white at times and she has to vacuum it every day. Ha roo roo.
Hope all of you have a Happy Hearts Day and get to order our mom's dog cookies. We have to say, they are the best! Mom had lots of help from our friends moms, woo have to go see it all.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

Hello My Furry Friends! Happy Birthday to Me! Yes, I had my birthday this weekend. We have had a wonderful week of cookie cakes and playing outside.
Mom fixed pup friendly panakes for us for breakfeast. We have our own special bowls for eating treats on the carpet.
And this is my BlueBerry/Banana Birthday Cookie Cake. It was so yummi! And I did share with Missy and Bella.
I hope all of you had a good weekend and are keeping out of trouble. We were enjoying playing outside, but it got warm here again, so we'll stay inside with the husky air on.
Husky Hugs, to all. MayaMarie

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Bella!

It's Bella's Birthday! The "baby" is one! Well I wanted to play, so I did my best to wake her up and get her off the carpet.
Mom wanted to "freshen up" the carpet, so she and dad brought it outside. They had it on the benches and chairs so that bugs would not come in with it, but Bella thought it was a great place to jump in. Mom gave up after that and we played on the carpet outside. Hey, we thought it was a great idea.
Then we went inside to celebrate the birthday! Bella seems to think that licking the bottle is a treat. She will not leave dad alone. (NOTE FROM MOM, THERE IS NO BEER IN THE BOTTLE! IT'S AN EMPTY AND WASHED BOTTLE. WE WOULD NEVER GIVE THEM ALCOHOL) Sorry about that, but mom felt she had to add than in case there was a misunderstanding. She knows our friends would understand, but you never know who might read this.
Then we had birthday cookie cake. Bella chose Three Cheese Cookie Cake and mom made two layers and put cheese between them and they were yummi!!!! We wish all of you could have had some.

We hope everyone had a good weekend. We sure did. Bella is now one year old and she's bigger than me. I'm starting to worry about that. We played and had birthday cookie cake.

My birthday is in a few days. I have my flavor all picked out. Just wait!

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie