Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What's A Husky To Do?

Hello My Furry Friends! Not much going on around here. The weather has become very warm and us pups do not like to be out for too long. We enjoy our naps inside. But I'm beginning to wonder about Missy and Bella. Their sleeping positions are not huskylike. I mean, look at me, I'm curled up on my mat. The sun was shining thru the window so that made it really nice.
But, what's with Bella? She sleeps with her body on the floor and her butt on the pillow. That's just not right. And that smile. Don't believe for a moment that she's an angel. Last night she stole green beans out of the collendar off the counter and was munching out. And there were not ours, they were for mom and dad's dinner.
And Missy is no better with her furry self. She thinks she's so cute with her paws like that. Then she kicks her legs and does this ruff ruff thing.
Now as for this, I don't know what to say. She's using me as part of her pillow. Mom still can't belive she got this picture. We are just such loving huskies. Ha roo roo roo. This was after a lot of wrestling and spreading of fur all over the kitchen. We needed a nap.
This one is just too much. Yes, we still have one Christmas stuffie left. And for some reason Bella had to lay on me to play with it. This was a one time only photo as I got up, took that stuffie and we ran all over the house with it.
We're enjoying being inside with the husky air on. We'll probably go out late this afternoon, after mom bakes our biscuits. Fresh cheesy biscuits. Woooo, they smell so good. And we get to sample the cheese when the bag is opened. Mom calls us her "quality control inspectors."
Hope all of you'all have a happy day.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie
(note from mom: Still job hunting. It's hard to believe that with all the jobs in our classifieds that no one is calling. I'm sure the post office is greateful for all the resume's I've mailed out. The last few wanted younger people with less expierence so they could pay less. Oh well, their loss. Us older girls do know what we're doing. I'm still working on the dog biscuit idea and getting some of my craft projects together. I think the personalized pet felt Christmas stockings and/or a banner is a good idea. I'll have MayaMarie do a post of theirs. Thanks for your suggestings and support. I do appreciate it. Gerri)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Has Bella Been Up To? And No Hot Water

Hello My Furry Friends! The answer to the Bella question is quite amazing, to me anyway. You see, I was helping mom in the laundry room, like I always do. It’s next to the kitchen. We were putting the wet clothes in the dryer. I love to help with the wet clothes, when we heard this odd noise. You see, Bella was not interested in the laundry and was in the kitchen. I went to see, and of course, I got on my purple bench and had to ra rooo roo for mom to come see. I had to tell, for a change I was innocent. And Bella the Bad was guilty!This is what she saw. Do you know what this is? It’s ice. How did it get all over the floor. Bella is running around the kitchen with ice cubes having the time of her life. Just look at her. Munching out.
Now this is the ice cube button area. How did she manage this? Now the button is on lock, and only mom can get the ice out.

She's still trying to figure out why she can't get ice any more. And mom is still amazed that she reached up and pressed that pad with her paw and got ice out. Bella has a very deep voice and now she fusses at mom for ice cubes. She may act all sweet and innocent, but she can cause trouble too!
This is where we ended up yesterday and today. In half of our room, with my crate and a gate as a barricade. Seems the big thing that makes hot water will not work and the plumber could not fix it, and there was no hot water last night. Mom told dad he had to heat the pool last night because she was not taking another cold shower.
Today, dad said he was not waiting for parts to come in some time next week, and the plumber guy was not in any hurry, so dad went and got a new one. Missy got to inspect it.

We were not allowed to help and they put the dryer in the way so we could not get back there. It took them a few hours, but we now have hot water. Dad is our hero, mom was his helper, so we better appreciate her too, and now mom can go wash her hair.
We just could not fit thru there. We tried. Bella even tried to get on the dryer.

Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

PeeSssss: Mom is still sending out the resume’ thingies. Either she’s too old (and she still says 49 is not old) or she’s is over qualified. Have you ever eard of being over qualified? She told one interviewer she didn’t want her job, she just wants to make enough money to help with the groceries, us pups and stuff like that. So now she’s putting together her paperwork and is gonna see about selling dog biscuits and her special felt Christmas stockings. We have to get her to post our stockings, she made them to look just like us.

Thanks for all the encourangement for our mom. You'all made her smile and fell good. She's not gonna give up looking. She found a few more jobs in today's paper she'll apply for. But we do like the dog biscuit idea the best!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We're Still Here and Have Not Forgotten Our Friends

Hello My Furry Friends! We are still here and we have not forgotten our Furry Friends. Things are just kinda changing here and we are helping mom get thru all this. The people with her work have gotten unreasonable with their family traumas and have treated her so badly that she finally gave her resignation. She's been taking my pepsid and not been very happy. She finally had enough.

So she’s been sending out some kind of resume’ thingies. I think it means she’ll be gone all day. What are we to do? Maybe if me, Missy and Bella set up a dog biscuit stand in front of the house and sold dog biscuits? After all, who could refuse our cuteness?
She’s been working in the room her desk and computer share with us and her crafts, and moving the furniture so we can’t get into anything. I’m helping lead the way to where the desk is supposed to be.
She wants to make the room safe for us so that we don’t have to stay in our crates all day if she finds a full time job. Really she wants a job close to home so she can come home at lunch to let us go out to potty and and check on us. We hope that happens. But if not, we’ll be good in the area she’s fixing for us. Or as good as huskies can be. Maybe I can help with some of these crafts and we can sell them? We did get new toys from the Easter Bunny. Missy got a duck.
Bella got a big yellow duck and already made a hole in it and popped the thing that makes it squeak. And mom had to perform surgery on it.
And me, I got this big fluffy bunny. I toss him in the air and swing him by his ear and run wit him. Bella keeps trying to get him from me, but I run as fast as I can.
We are still visiting all our friends bloggies and we hope mom will feel better about posting and get us back together with our friends.

Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie
PeeSsssss: Mom just got a call from a law firm about setting up an interview. We are keeping her positive about it (especially since this one told her lunch time is an hour, she can come home and check on us), but she keeps saying it's hard to compete in the job market when you're in your late 40's and everyone else is 20's and a size 6. (No offense but the older ladies are just as qualified to do a good job, especially one that was a legal secretary for 25 years), and try explaining that you have to go home for lunch to let your huskies out. People look at you really funny.