Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th To All

Hawooooo our furry friends! We hope all of woo are having a great Fourth of July! Our U. S. of A. is a furry special country and we should be proud of all the people, pups and kitties that make it a great place to live.
We were inside most all of the day. It is so hot for us fluffies. We so love our husky air. The husky air machine works very hard to keep us cool. While we were inside enjoying the husky air, Dad was outside doing what most guys do out in the hot. Fixing yummi stuff for dinner.
Do woo see all of this? We got a taste of the lamb, but those shrimps sure looked good. Mom even did veggie ka-bobs.
Here's the table, all pretty. Dad had his red wine and mom had her blue fizzy wine.
And this was for dessert! It's a most yummi dessert. Yes, that is our piece of watermelon. Mom let us have a bite each and then she cut it in little pieces and put "our watermelon" in "our special containter." Ha woo woo woo, it's all ours! There was more, mom put some for her and dad and then she put some in the Happy Hearts refirgerator. Do woo want to know why? She is making a new summertime cookie....... Watermelon Dog Cookies.... Can woo believe it! She made us some the other day and they are so yummmi and they turned pink. Dad kept eating them and we kept wooing at him to stop because they were for us. She's gonna be sending them with orders for taste testing.
We hope all of woo had a good day and kept cool.
Husky Hugs to All. MayaMarie, Missy and Bella.