Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We Are Furry Huzzys !!!!

Hello My Furry Friends! Hope all of woo are being good and keeping cool. We finally get to participate in the Hussy Wednesday!! After all, we are some beawootiful hussies!

First of all, I must share with all of woo, this is where we position ourselves when she's baking cookies. It's exactly in the way so she has to step over us and we are by the oven so we know when the cookies are supposed to come out. There's always that chance that she just might drop a warm yummi cookie on us. Now, for out glamor shots:
Bella is the most creative, I think....we have yet to figure out the paw in the air thing.
Of course Missy has to be on the sofa. Something about it being more comfortable. Hmmm...
And me, the cutest of them all......I do not stay this way very long, especially when she gets the camera, so she should be very appreciative to me that I let her get this photo to share with all of woo. I was very quick to get up and woo woo at her for this.
We hope all of woo are keeping cool and being extra furry good.
We want to thank out little buddy Woodrow (http://http// in NY for the Awsome Pawsome Award. That is so furry nice of woo. We want everyone to send good furry sibe vibes to our little friend and his mommey. (please excuse the linkie thing showing they way it does, the cookie baker still has not figure out how to do the linkie think correct...some day... oh well, at least she did it.)
The cookie baker has to get busy this morning. We're making furry good cookies all day and I see bananas out, so I know what's the first batch!
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie