Sunday, October 2, 2011

We Are Back!!!!!!!

Woo pups, we have been some busy pups. I was taking a break, looking out the back window and woo, something has to be done. Mom has to get her hands fixed. What about our cookies? What about our home cookied meals. I've gotta do somethng about this.
Out of my way Bella, I'm gonna take care of this. Mom needs this done now, as there are a lot of pups that need out cookies and I'm taking charge.

Oh dear, I better go find Missy! When MayaMarie takes charge, we know we better get ready.

Woo see this Carp, there was one in each of the tunnels of mom's hands. And they just had to come out. I got my trusty heart cutter, and released the bad carps from mom's tunnel in her hands and sewed it up with my fluffy blue thread. Woo, that was work, but it had to be done.

I think I did a pretty good job. After three months, mom is now ready to bake cookies! Woo hoo. Making that first batch was hard, but she did it. So all you pups that are waiting for cookies, they are gonna get made !

Look at these yummi cookies. We got Three Cheese Happy Hearts! Lots of squirrels and hearts!

We had to rest after all the tastin! We are gald to be back and have some good pictures to share that dad has been taking for mom. Wait till woos see what he cookied on the grill.

Husky hugs to all our friends!