Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sharing Some Fun Photos

Hi My Furry Friends! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. I'm doing a lot better. I don't have to wear that lampshade much (only when mom is not in the room, so I don't eat my bandages.) I go to my vet on Wednesday to get my stiches out. I can't wait.

Today mom cleaned out some cabinets and put some stuff away for storage. She actually believes that she is gonna pack stuff away that we don't need and make the house look less cluttered. We wish her luck. We have been spreading fluff all over and it looks quite nice. Here's a picture of me looking up out the kitchen widnow. There were some crows out there making all sorts of noise. I still can't go out and run around. Mom felt sorry for me. And she went upstairs and brought down this very big yellow and orange duck. It belonged to her beloved Cubby. Here's a picture of him with it.
Seems that he never ripped or destuffed any of his toys. She said that she knows he would not mind if I played with it now. That's his bed that our Grandma D in Wisconsin gave him. Even though he got too big for it, he still liked to lay on it.

Now I get to have fun with this duck. It's so big and it squeaks. I promised that I would not destuff it or get the squeaky out. This is some toy. It's over 5 years old and look at it. Mom said Cubby took real good care of his toys.
Well, Missy got to go outside. I could not, because I'm not supposed to get my bandages ditry on my paws, but I watched her from the back door. She went and layed in the grass and barked at me. Just wait till I can get out there.
Hope you'all like these pictures. Now that mom figured out how to scan a picture in, me and Missy want her to post a picture of Cubby when he was a pup for his birthday. We'll have her work on that.
Thanks to all my friends for such good thoughts. I'm better and mom loves me just like I am. I'm glad all of you agree too!.
Husky Hugs and Love to all. MayaMarie.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Me Update

Hi my furry friends. I'm feeling better. Thanks for all the good vibes you'all must be sending. I can't play with my stuffies, they are either to big for this lampshade thing, or I want to run with them and mom has a fit and yells "no" and "stop." I just wanna play. She felt sorry for me, and saved me the stuffing box from dinner. Well it was kinda fun, just the goofy lampshade gets in the way. Yes, my paws are still wrapped. Since a few of you have been asking, my dew claws had some issues. When mom got me as a little pup (8 weeks old) the breeder told mom that her policy was to have her vet remove them (or that's what they thought they were doing). Mom did not know anything about dew claw removal and she feels bad enough about me having to go thru this. (And please don't be upset at mom. She knows she took a chance when she got me from a breeder in another state, and she does not regret her decision to get me and she would never send me back becasue of this. (Some really mean people actually told her to return me because I was defective. How can people say somethine like that and make her cry. Mom fell in love with me the moment she saw me.) Like the vet said, it's a chance you take, and no matter what, he called me "A definite keeper." Mom did inform the breeder for this for future pups.
My vet said the dew claw removal, or attempt to, was a very poor job. My right paw had no claw, but there was this nub on my paw and you could feel some kind of bump under it. My left paw still had the claw, and it grew curled into my skin and would get infected. My vet felt it was best for me to have them both removed while he was "fixing" me. The bandages have to stay on until I go for my checkup to get my stichnes out.
I do want to go on record as saying "I was not broken." And this fixing involved stiches in my tummy and I can't jump on my sofa or look out my window or bother Missy. No fair. Missy gets to lounge in the sun room and go outside. But I'm treated like a princess. So aroo roo roo.
Now, I did make mom feel sorry for me. I have so wanted to sleep curled in my doughnut. Oh how I missed that. I've been trying, but my tail just could not get to my nose. So she took that goofy lampshade off. She said just for a while, while she can keep an eye on me so I don't lick or bite something I'm not supposed to. And it goes back on later, but I can live with that. Oh, this is gonna be a great husky nap. I'm making the most of it.

Thanks again for your well wishes.
Husky Hugs to all, Mayamarie.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm So Glad To Be Home!

Oh my furry friends. I'm so glad to be home! The people at the vet were all very nice and took good care of me, but I so missed home. When I saw mom and dad, I just could not stop aroo rooing. I got to ride on mom's lap in the back of the huskymobile (we were both seat belted) and she carried me in, just like the actress dog that played Maya in Eight Below was carried. I'm so spolied.
But, I msut say, this plastic thing around my neck has got to go. Of course it required many vet techs to put this on, and then they put duck tape to keep it on me. (I'm gonna find the duck that makes this tape and he's gonna get it)
I can't even drink water without mom's help. Do you see this stuff around my front feet. They removed my dew claws and I have to wear these doggie proof bandages now. My "boo boo" you know where, looks good. Mom checks it like the vet said to make sure the stiches are okay.

Now, I can't get on the sofa, or jump or run, or get in my window, or sleep in my doughnut. But mom did give me my soft bed. Oh it felt so good! But, don't you see something wrong with this picutre. This is where we found Missy when we got home. On the good sofa in the sun room. Just as queenly as you please.
Thank you all for your well wishes and good thoughts. I'm not doing too much walking, I'm just kinda lazy right now, and I don't want mom out of my sight. She has to give me lots of hugs and pets and I've been giving her lots of kisses. I'll talk again later.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Friday, October 19, 2007

Maya's Surgery

Hello to all our fury friends. It's me, Missy. I'm reporting today because Maya's at the vet. They brought her last night. I jumped in her window as was very upset that they left without me.
Mom cooked her food, with special instructions, made her cookies and had it all ready.
It was time for her surgery to have her "fixed." She has no clue what that means. I tried explaining it, but she just looked at me like I was talking another language. Mom and Dad brought her last night, and her surgery is scheduled for today to be spayed and to have a dew claw removed. They are supposed to go get her Sunday morning.
Me and mom are cleaning house today. Vacuuming, mopping, and washing all the doggie linnens so that when she comes home our area is nice and clean. I must say, the house is way to quite and Mom seems so lost without her little shadow following her everywhere.
The vet is supposed to call this afternoon with an update. I wonder how Mom is gonna keep her from jumping and running when she gets back? Should be very interesting.

Update from Mom: MayaMarie's (really wonderful) vet called. She was resting and her surgery went well. Her dew claws needed to be removed as they were going to cause problems as she got older, so he took care of both of them. I'll keep all advised. The house is way to quite without her.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

How We Help and a Chicken was Cooked Outside

Hi my furry friends. Holly said we could post how we help in our family. Well, we have some very important jobs in our house. As you can see, I am in charge of boxes. I get to tear them up and I can't get in trouble. This one was good.
I also help with the laundry. I get the towels out and make sure they are dry. I help fold too! I also help with keeping the floor clean. I splash my water out the bowl and make sure it's all over the floor. That keeps it clean and cool.
Hi to all. It's Missy. I help too, with the cooking. I had to make sure this chicken was done. I told Dad it looked just right.
Then I had to guard it while Dad turned the grill off. Maya was busy running around and playing with her ball, so she was no help at all outside. She does not appreciate a rottissire chicken like I do. It smelled soooo yummy. I can't wait for my piece.
I also get to help with the water. I let mom know when the bowl is empty and some puppy has splashed it all over the floor. Why would you do that? Then there's no water to drink. Oh these young pups.
That's okay Missy. I'm working on the next post about your "stuffie tail." Just wait.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie and Missy.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Interviewed by Sitka and My Harness Has a Boo Boo

Hey my furry friends. I got to be interviewed by Sitka, Tia added a question for Missy. This is fun! I will put Sitka and Tia's questions in red and our answers in blue.

1.We all know you like to look out the window. How long did it take you to discover it when your mom brought you home? Oh, I guess I was about 4 months old when I discovered the window. Here’s one of my first window pictures. I learned how to get on the “doggy” sofa and climbed in the window.

2. Your pool looks awesome. I am so jealous of it. Does your mom let you and Missy swim in the pool with adult supervision? Oh yes. Only with adult supervision. We both have life jackets and mom puts them on us. Missy will only go in with her lift jacket and I’m really not sure about going in. The incident the other morning just kinda happened. I go up to the edge of the pool, but I won't get in by myself. Usually, they put me in and I swim around real quick and then want out. I like my blue kiddie pool and the sprinkler better. And thank you for the compliement of the pool. It’s not very big or deep (maybe 6 feet deep) and we have all those tropical trees around it.

3. I know when you were just a pup you liked to play with Missy's tail. Have you grown out of that habbit since turning one years old? I have to admit, No. I just can’t help myself when she’s lying on the floor and she wags it. It’s just like a stuffie. That’s the reason I keep being told that my puppy license has expired. I think I'm cute enough that it should be extended.

4. You have said that your mom bakes for you a lot. What is your favorite treat that she has baked for you? I have to say the banana, apple oat muffins. Hint Hint the container is empty. We need more.

5. To Missy (From Tia) - How did you come to live with your mom and dad? Also, what did you think when your parents brought a pup into your house?Mom and Dad got me about 8 years ago. When Cubby (the big guy) was on this side of the rainbow, they were concerned that he needed a companion. They found an add in the paper for husky/german shepherd pup, and came and got me from this really nice family. Dad picked me out. He said there was something special about me. Me and Cubby had some good times.

Oh and Tia, I am so glad you asked what I thought about this pup being brought into the house. You understand what I am going thru. It can be so trying. They have no manners. My first thoughts were “what were they thinking?” and “why do we need this?” And she still thinks my tail is a stuffie. Even when I "ruff " at her.

Okay Missy, that's enough. Sitka tell your mom the drink sounds really interesting. Mom will have to add those items to Friday's grocery list.

So now, if any of you did not get interviewed, I’ll give it a try. I'm there are a few good questions I could ask. Here are the rules if you want me to interview you:

1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave me a comment saying, 'interview me.'
2. I will respond by posting five questions for you. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
Oh, and here’s what happens when you leave a husky in her crate with her harness on for a 20 minute errand to get her ear wash. I didn’t want the ear wash, you could have taken me with you for the ride, and now you have to go and get another harness. Aroo roo roo.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me !!!!!

Hi my furry friends.
Today’s my birthday! Missy says that since I made it to one, the puppy license has officially expired (whatever that means). We had treats, and there was singing "Happy Birthday to Woo". It was fun. I am so spoiled.

All I know is that I got two new stuffies, and mom made these rice crisps with peanut butter things, and boy are they yummy. Missy and I were allowed to get them out of the tin. We both agreed that she can make these again for us.

This is my new goose stuffie. Missy says it's a water fowl (she has to read the tag of course), but to me it's a big fat goose that squeaks. I can toss it in the air and be rough with it.

This is my grey moose stuffie. (I saw that Holly got a moose stuffie too! We will have to get togheter with our moose stuffies.) It squeaks and is really soft. Mom fixed us chicken stir fry for pups and that was a yummy dinner.

Well, I'm really tired now. I had a fun day and got new stuffies.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Friday, October 5, 2007

Our Song and the Swimming Pool Incident

Hi my furry friends. We were tagged by Tasha & Eva about our song. Well Mom’s favorite singer is this guy Michael Buble, and when the song Everything comes in the radio, she changes the words as she sings along. It’s really funny, cause she makes it about us pups. Especially the chorus. I got her to type that up, so you could laugh along with us. She says the song is so true about us, because we make her life very happy.

Here’s our version of the chorus:
“And in this crazy house, with all the crazy things you do,
It’s woo, it’s woo, you’all make me sing,
You’all make me laugh, you’all are
my everything.

Woo woo woo woo woo woo wooooo.”

Now, you’re not gonna believe what happened. It happened so fast, there was no time for a camera. But I ended up in the pool. Boy was that a surprise. Missy and I were chasing a squirrel that was running on the back fence. Well for some reason Missy decided to stop, and I was going way too fast to stop, so I jumped over Missy and landed in the pool. There was this “splash” and boy was I surprised. Mom hollered “come,” and I swam right to the steps. I didn’t panic or get scared. She was waiting for me, and she had to help me out, because I was not sure about the steps. Here’s a picture of the scene where it happened. I was looking for that squirrel, but he was long gone.

Mom was laughing and I was doing the husky smile and ra rooing and Missy was barking. I shook myself off and went back looking for that squirrel, but he got away. Mom toweled me off, but I was still wet and it looked like rain, so I could not stay outside. So I got to stretch out in the kitchen and dry off.

I’m still kinda wet. But I need a nap now.

Husky Hugs to all.