Monday, February 25, 2008

Outside Fun

Hello My Furry Friends! We are all feeling better here. Thanks for all the good vibes and well wishes. Mom did a super housecleaning and the weather was really nice and she opened all the windows and we got to play outside! I played ball for a while, but then I decided it was more fun to run around with my water dish and throw it on the ground. It makes such great noise. Bella came out too! Of course I tried to teach her the art of carrying your water dish, but I guess she's too little to figure that out yet. She did follow me all around like a pesky little sister.
Missy did some puppy watching too. They were walking around the pool checking things out.
It was a fun day, but I was very tried. I needed my rest later. The tile floor is so cool.
We got to play on the sofa and mom opened our window. I'll have her do a post of that fun too! Oh, we have not forgotten, but got sidetracked, we still have to do the 7 weird things. I'll to that to later in the week.

Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

Monday, February 18, 2008

Helping Bella Feel Better

Hello My Furry Friends! I had to help mom take care of little Bella this weekend. This is my nursing babuska. The fact that I actually kept it on for a picture should get me cheesy biscuits whenver I want them. See that order form, mom ordered us Canidae. All my friends have been telling how good it is, so I finally got her to order it.
Little Bella got such a bad viral bacterial infection in her "female" area, that she had to be rushed to the emergency hospital. She's only four months old and was peeing blood. It was really scary and mom was not taking any chances. Our vet was on call at the hospital and he told mom to get right over and he took her in. He ran slides, took x-rays and checked "you know where." She's on this really strong antibiodic. Poor Bella was worn out. Here I am giving her good husky vibes. She needed them so.
Today she's feeling a lot better. We got to play and we even aggravated Missy at the gate, but she ran off and jumped on the sofa in the sunroom before mom could get a picture. We have to get a picture of her in there. Maybe we can get in there? When Bella is felling better we'll get this gate down.
Do you see past the gate? That's where the dining room table (that we never use). It has these chairs with black iron work. Well, in our house, that's where we hang our harnesses and leashes. Mom says that's probably why we don't get a lot of company, our house is very husky friendly and humans just have to adjust. Ha roo ro roo.
Hope all you pups that are not feeling well and getting better. Send some good vibes to Opy and Charlie's family. Charlie feeling a little better, but they had such a scare this weekend. We wish them well.
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Special Valentine

Hello my furry friends! Oh my dogness! I got a package in the mail. It's from my sweet Juneau( I got on my sofa with my package. Look at my card. It has a heart on it.
I had to get my pillow. It's so soft.
And the inside of the card, he calls me his Valentine! Do you see my heart pillow. It says I love you.
I just love hugging it, and I snuggle with it and dream of my Juneau.
Thank you my sweet one, I'm sending hugs and kisses and sweet eyes to you. MayaMarie
I hope all of you have a Happy Valentine's Day.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm Innocent This Time & Special Kisses

Hi My Furry Friends! I am innocent this time! And I have to tell about it. Mom sometimes fixes toast and cheese for a snack. She gives us each each our own piece toast with cheese on it. We agree with Pippa, toast is so good, especially with cheese on it. Well, we each wait our turn. Guess who did not.
Don't let that innocent little face fool you. Mom gave me my piece of toast with cheese on it. I said a soft wa wooo and sat so pretty. Missy barked woof woof for hers, and when mom turned around to give Bella her's. Well, Bella was under the table with the whole piece of cheese. My Furry Friends, she took the whole thing! Oh my gosh! There was wooing and barking and Bella ran under the chair with it. Mom got it away from her, but it has more holes in it than swiss cheese is supposed to, and it was missing a few bites. Of course the piece of cheese was washed and dried, and she could not thow it away. Mom said we have our own piece of cheese now. Way to go Bella!
Now this is for my sweet guy Juneau. Kisses all over his envelope. There's a special Valentine on it's way to you. I just love mine. I'm having mom do a Valentine post for me.
Husky kisses to my Juneau.
Husky Hugs to all, and I hope all of you get some toast and cheese too!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Interesting Outisde My Window & E Award

Hi My Furry Friends! I got an award from Echo. It's the "E" for Excellence Award. This award is giving to fellow bloggers that have wonderful outstanding styles and a fantastic ability to keep us thinking, amused and entertained. Well so many of you do that. I am gonna give this to Comet and Blue, River, Togo, Pippa, and Star and Jack. You'all deserve it too!

I have to tell you about outside my window today. The weather was really pretty and mom had all the windows opened for fresh air. We were outside, but for some reason we were told we had to be inside for a while. Why? Well, while sitting in my window a really big truck stopped in front of the house. You really can't see it here. It seems the window washer person has not been keeping up with her household duties. Am I gonna have to get the cleaner stuff and do it myself.
Well, since that was not gonna happen today, mom went out front. I was watching very closely as this truck stopped in front of the house and then dad came home too!
See, that's dad on the back of the truck getting his very big tool box off. He starts his new job next week and had to bring his tool box home so he could go thru it and get it ready for the new job.
I watched him and the truck driver push it up the driveway and in the back yard. I have to go check this out. I wonder what kind of tools I can find in it? Maybe something I can hide for future escapes? Hmmmmmm. I'll see what's useful.
Well they're gone now. And my window still needs cleaning. Uhhhh, you hoooo. Cleaner person. You need to get over here. I wonder if I can get Bella to take care of this? She would probably think it's fun. She does seem to like paper towels.
Oh, Bella goes for her last set of puppy shots tomorrow. I wonder if those ladies are gonna
be there?
Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie