Monday, July 23, 2007

Favorite Books

I was tagged by Holly to tell about my favorite books. Well let me tell you, my Mom has a lot of books. Dad told her if we are going to move to Green Bay, WI (we’re hoping next year in the spring, – keep your paws crossed and your tails curled, that this works out), she is gonna need a lot of boxes for her books (we won't discuss her crafts and dog stuff, probably a second truck, harooo roo roo).

1) Puppies, Dogs & Blue Northers by Gary Paulsen. It’s about his love of sled dogs and his extreme love, for a special one, named Cookie. Mom has to read this and hug us and cry too.
(why they have to read and cry and hug us, I can’t figure out, but I’m there for her)

2) All of Susan Conant’s books. They are a fun mystery series about Holly Winter and her two Alaskan Malamutes Rowdy and Kimi. She lost half of her collection (all first edition hardbacks) in the “big flood of 2005 in New Orleans.” She was able to find a few in paperback on ebay and when she explained what happened to the seller and asked if she came across any more to please let her know, (she says this seller is a wonderful person), the seller got in touch with the Susan Conant (can you believe it), who then sent my Mom replacements, autographed by herself and her Alaskan Malamute! (Of course this act of kindness made her cry again). My Mom has been re-reading them for me, and I just love them.

3) To Heal A Heart, An Inspirational Romance by Arlene James. She told me that it was a special book for her, because it helped her overcome a terrible guilt she could not overcome after she had to let Cubby cross the Rainbow Bridge. (You'all love us way much more than anyone can imange)
I think it’s also a pretty love story and all us girls like love stories.

4) She has The Taz Adventures, Dogged and Determined by Scott Ski too!!. (what is it with you ladies and this book that you enjoy it so much) She keeps it on the bookshelf by her desk and it has various pages marked that she loves to read and tell me about. You know it’s only giving me more ideas. (And yes her’s is autographed by Scott and Taz and his Missy too!) (You know, you’all need to form a club called “women and their sled dogs,” you really do). Her favorite page, that she has this piece of paper sticking out is about promising to hug and love us.
I like that!

5) Running North by Ann Mariah Cook. This is one that she is currently reading. It’s a true story by the Mom (Ann Cook), about her family and how they move to Alaska to run the Yukon Quest and take all their Siberian Huskies with them. From what we have read, it’s really good and I have decided that I like being a “domestic” sled dog." These dogs are doing the real thing, in real snow and real cold. I admit I am one spoiled husky in the window.
(For the sled dog coliation that left me a comment, I did not mean to offend anyone about sled dogs or support crulety to them. I was only sharing a favorite book about what this family and their dogs went through to particpate in the Yukon Quest. Please accept my apologies.)

Hope you’all have either read these or will give them a try.

I tag Dakota, The Brat Pack, Guiness & Shilo, Pippa and Cosmos & Juneau.

Oh, here’s a picture of us on the sofa with Dad. Missy got her big self up there (something was said that it was her sofa first and then I came along, hummmm.....) and she tried to get all the hugs, I made sure I got in the middle of it.

Husky Hugs to all. MayaMarie
(she figured out how to change the colors and fonts, this should be interesting)


Sled Dog Action Coalition said...
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Katherine and Pippa said...

Hiya MayaMarie

I was tagged when this first came round the doggie bloggies but HORRID mistress stole my tag and put books on her blog.

So now I will have to do it (even tho' I can't read) 'cos you are one of my beautiful girlfriends. :)

But not today.

Ruffs and stuffs Pippa

Lorenza said...

Hi, MayaMarie.
I like your choices.
Why our moms like to read books that make them cry?? I don't understand that but sure they love them!
Have a nice day

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Good book choices! I like your picture too. I always have to get in the middle when Steve is getting loving!!


Anonymous said...

Oh MayaMarie - great reading options. My mom has not read the Taz book but saw that he is back on Sibernet - are you on Sibernet? So, she says that she has to buy it now. I love love love the photo of you and Missy with your dad on the sofa!

Sárie Mirime said...

Green Bay???!!! Since when? Oh my gosh! :O Interesting book list...who wrote those dog mystery books you let me read years ago?

Amici said...

Sounds like great books. My mom likes books that make her cry too (strange). She needs to get up to date with more dog book though....geez, I think I am getting ripped off.

One Little Birdie said...

We've done our doggie books list to share with little bipeds. Mom has read most of the other dog boks that others have mentioned but not many others. She's not into sledding much, but give her a book for little ones and she's all a quiver. and, cuz she's alibrarian, we had to stop her at 5 or it would have been book insanity!