Monday, April 27, 2009

We're Here and Fun Stuff

Hello My Furry Friends. We are still here! We've been busy helping mom with cookies and cleaning house. We're gonna have visitors this weekend (dad's family) and me and Bella decided it was time to "blow our coats." We timed it perfect! And besides, it's our house! Here's me and Bella looking our cutest after mom vacueemed.
We had some Sweet Potato cookies to make, so I must taste the sweet potato before it goes into the mix. After mom cooks it, she cuts it so that it cools and she always puts a little on the side for me to taste. I just love it! I woo woo to the magic cooking box whem it's cooking and I watch it cool on the counter.
Here's an out-take from the pictures mom took to add on the cookie website. She was trying to convince us to look at here while she holds the plate of cookies. Ha.woo woo woo. Did she really think that was gonna happen?
Well, I'm tired after all the cleaning and cookie baking. I need a rest in my sunbeam. What a great place to have a sunbeam. In the kitchen...on the ceramic floor...right by the magic cold box...with the husky air on. What more could a husky want?
All of you pups be good, and we have been checking your bloggies and will be visiting again. We promise! I'm gonna make her get back to blogging.
Husky Hugs to all.