Friday, June 19, 2009

Look at This!

Hawoo my furry friends. We have been furry busy around here. See how tired I am. Even us pups have been helping out.
Mom had to do all that paperwork renewal stuff for our Happy Hearts Cookies. She had papers and files all over. Woo would not believe what is required for such a small dog cookie business. We were assigned the duty of keeping the labels in order and putting our "paw of approval" on it before it all went out.
Then she had to get all these ready for shipping. There are gonna be some very happy and surprised pups.
Then we heard noise out front and had to go look out the front door. Why she has a gate in front of the door, we do not know, but we still managed to see what was going on. Dad was unloading this really big "thing" and rolling it down the driveway.
We got to go and check it in the garage. Dad had to put it all together and get it operating, but we now have our back-up generator for hurricane season. As long as there's no really bad, bad, storm coming, we will be able to stay and have back-up power for the husky air and for all the cookie supplies. (Evacuating is not that easy, as not many places welcome us pups) After two days of going back and forth to that orange store, and mom being the assistant, they did a "test run" and it works!!!!
We were really tired after all the "test run." Us pups didn't run anywhere, we were inside making sure the husky air and Happy Hearts refrigerator were working proeprly. After being so good, mom let us look out the front door again.
We hope all woo pups have been fine and we have lots more pictures to post.
Husky Hugs to All. MayaMarie