Saturday, June 30, 2007

7 Things About Me

I was tagged by Tasha & Eva and Indy to tell 7 things about me. I thought I would share this with my older sister Missy;
1) I have to get between my mom and the cabinet when she is cooking, as close as possible, and I sit on her feet; she tells me this is not helping, but someone has to supervise;
2) I do the husky dance for joy when she is fixing our food dishes, you now the bounce twirl, and run;
3) When mom is at the computer I have to bring her a toy and push her arm and convince her it’s time to play with me;
4) Even though I am getting big, I still like my Dad to pick me up and hold me like a puppy and give him husky kisses;
5) I have a very sensitive tummy b/c of bad dog food and now my mom has to cook for me and make my biscuits (I don’t mind); She's gonna try the ones Holly's mom recommended.
6) I really enjoy ice cubes;
7) I have to squeak a new toy until the squeaky stops working;

1)She likes to lay on my bed under the hutch in the kitchen and then she gets mad when I roo roo at her to get off (see the above picture - she's too big for it and it's mine);
2) She likes to swim in the big pool, she even has a life jacket (she looks like a dog in a suitcase (haroo roo roo - we will get a picute of this);
3) She is not a morning dog, when we wake up she is not happy when I run to her and want to play, very grouchy;
4) If mom separates us for a time out, she gets one of my toys and squeaks it to torment me on the other side of the gate. That’s so not nice;
5) She gets to help bring out the trash, while I watch from the window – so not fair;
6) She can not sing, very off key, must be the shepherd half, certainly not the husky half;
7) She climbed on my sofa yesterday and looked out the window with me. Mom was out front and trust me, even she was surprised.

Okay, I’m gonna tag Holly, the Army of Four; Sitka and Tia, and Steve, Kat and Wilbur; Sasha; and Marly.
Oh, and Ivy, I am working on the things about my people. Will post it soon.
Have a Nice Saturday.


PONOWNIE said...

Hey MayaMarie
Licks from Brooklyn :)

Amici said...

That is great that you have someone to play with 24/7. Too bad when to play doesn't always work out in your favor. Maybe if you keep giving those husky kisses, you'll win em over. :)

Unknown said...

Woo MayaMarie... I loved learning more about you and Misty!!! I think #7 is a requirement to be a Siberian, ha roooo! Hey, check out this link. I posted the 7 things about a month ago... let me know whatcha think -


Hana said...

Hee hee, you like to have your Dad pick you up and hold you like a puppy. Now that is really cute!! I wanna see a picture of that... and the lifevest/suitcase pic too.

Lorenza said...

Hi, MayaMarie
Thanks for sharing with us all those things about you and Missy.
That let us know you better.
I do the same with my squeaky toys!
And I like to be right beside my grandma when she is cooking too.
I'd like to see a picture of you and Missy in that window!
Have a good night

Anonymous said...

Very good answers from both of yous :] *woofs*

One Little Birdie said...

Hey, watch those shepherd comments! Guinness is our best singer - all of the huskies sound like wounded harp seals. We seam to attract broken huskies wooers.....

Anonymous said...

Woo MayaMarie... You have been tagged. See my blog for more info :)


Khady Lynn said...

Wow, great things to know! Thanks for sharing!


Jack & Moo said...

How nice to meet you & your pack, MayaMarie! I completely forgot that we got tagged...I'd better get typing soon!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Hey MayaMarie! I do the husky dance when I'm getting food too! Sometimes I just run back and forth to the laundry room where Mom is getting our food because I'm so excited!