Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We Made Cookies!!!

This was great fun! Better than going for a walk! Well it is hot outside and it’s much nicer with the a/c on and the oven baking cookies – the house smells so good! Our Mom made us Cheesy Dog Biscuits. After many tests recipies (we did not mind the testing) this is the best version. They are so good!

I get to taste the cheese. Real cheddar.

She rolls them out and cuts them in shapes.
Bunnies and Ducks! They make good cookies.

Look at all the pans waiting to go in.
There were five of them total.

They are done and I am sitting pretty like you
wanted, only because you are holding a cookie
by the camera.

Now give us our cookies!!!!

Now from my Mom:
Okay, sorry it was so long, but I wanted to include some fun pictures. This is my recipie, that I created. I'm sending it to Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue to include in their cookbook.
Note: for the cheese (cheddar, parmesan & romano, I buy a piece of each, and grate that
fresh), but you can use what you like.

MayaMarie’s Cheesy Bone Doggy Biscuits

Doggies will love them. People like them too. Trust me, I had to taste them to get it just right. They’re almost like cheese crackers without the calories, a lot less sodium or trans fat and when they are fresh baked, they are good.

Eat and enjoy. Please remember, I don’t want your dog to get sick or get blamed for getting sick. (Please do not be offended). I am sharing with others that love their dogs as much as I love mine. There is only a select group of people that will do anything for their pets. And if what we do makes them happy and healthy, I am glad to be able to share with others. Missy is 8 years old and will eat anything I fix, and has never been sick. MayaMarie has a very sensitive stomach and can not digest anything with corn, gluten or/and some grains (the most expensive SD made her very sick. I even tried the Wellness brand at Whole Foods and that caused problems.) Since dog biscuits were making her sick too, I had to create something for her. She has no problems with these biscuits and her vet approves. (Missy has lost 10 pounds, since I cook their food, and MayaMarie has not had diarrhea in 4 months, they get a vitamin supplement every day, and they are healthy.)I’m working on a peanut butter oatmeal biscuit, as soon as my two tasters approve, I’ll share that too.
MayaMarie, Missy and their Mom.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Maya Marie, Missy and your Mom!
Your receipe looks better than the one my mom has, but right now she doesn't have all the ingredients. My mom says that next Saturday she will go to the supermarket to buy what she needs and will bake your receipe. Thanks for sharing it. I'll tell you how it was, ok??
Have a good night

Khady Lynn said...

Excellent recipe!

Has your human tried the Natural Balance Duck and potato? Samuel eats that because he has severe food allergies. Abby, Kona and I get Solid Gold, Barking at the Moon brand as it has no grains at all! We also use Evangers canned dog food as they are 100% pure meat almost all of their brands. We have it shipped to us. We get the duck, rabbit, and chicken varieties.


Unknown said...

hi .. i want a cookie please.
send me to spain...

Dakota said...

Maya Marie, Missy and Mom,
You guys rock!
I'm going to pester The Mom here until she makes some for Bandit and me!

Husky woos,

Frasier said...

Thankyou guys,
finally a cookie me and my mom can eat

Sasha said...

OOH, they look good.
My human mom's gonna have to get moving.
Sashaville needs homemade biscuits.

Ferndoggle said...

OMG, OMG, OMG...Our Mom just posted her Cheesy Dog cookies recipe today too!!! Mom just made hers up & doesn't cut the cookies into fun cool shapes like your Mom. She's very lazy.

Sherman, Penny & Lola
The Dogs of Jackman Ave

Marley said...

WOWEE - I am so jealous! Those look so tasty! I think I'm going to claw my Mom until she makes them!


Anonymous said...

ohhh.. YUMMY looking cookies! Thanks to your mom for posting the recipe. I will ask mom if we can try it out this weekend!


Amici said...

We made your cookies today! Thanks so much for posting the recipe. Amici loves them and he even made a doggie bag for Kana. Kana loved them too (Kana is my brother in law's siberian).

We'll post pics hopefully tomorrow.

Thanks a bunch!