Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Let me introduce myself

Hi. I'm MayaMarie. A very spoiled Husky. I spend a lot of my time looking out the front window of our house. It's very hot here in the south, and my Mom lets me stay inside. I am one very lucky pup. This is my first post, so I'm not sure about what else you want to know about me. Here'a picture of me looking out the window.


The Brat Pack said...

Hi there

We live in Texas and it's nice to meet ya. :)

Thrawn & The Brat Pack

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Hot weather is stupid! When I'm president, I'm banning it!

Amici said...

Better to be inside and cool than outside and melting. :) We live in Maine so the melting thing doesn't really happen to us. Summer usually last June-August, then we have a nice crisp fall and then the COLD sets in. That is nice that you have another dog as a part of your family. It must help keep you busy. :)

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We don't like hot weather either. Do you have a pool? We have a kiddie pool (we call it a puppy pool) and it is really fun!

Steve and Kat