Friday, November 23, 2007

ThanksGiving & Special Award

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Furry Friends! We all have a lot to be thankful for, and are so glad to have all our blogger friends to share the holidays. We apologize for not blogging all week and leaving comments (we did check on everyone though). It seems this was the week for medical incidients and we were not left out either. It was not me this time. Seems mom had some kind of reaction to the pills the dr gave her for her men-a-paws issue. She got this rapid heart beat thing, very scary and lots of tests for her heart. But it was just her horror-mones causing the trouble with the pills. So no pills for a few days, then he changed her per-cripthing and it should be better now. I"m glad I will not go thru this men-a-paws thing, I like my paws just like they are now.

We want to wish Zim good husky vibes and feel goods kisses. And Sitka's gramdma needs lots of husky hugs too. We hope all are doing well.

We had a turkey yesterday. My first ThanksGiving. Missy kept telling me that they cook this very large bird in the cookie baking place and the smell thrugh the house was amazing. We did not leave the kitchen. Look at this bird. Oh Ymmm. And she made it pup friendly so we got some too. And she made us pup friend stuffing too with veggies. It was a good day and then we took naps. The weather was even cool and we played outside and had a good time.

Now we have to sooooo thank Sitka for this award. It's call the Be the Blog award. She says that "it is presented to a successful blogger, one who can be the blog, make it our own, stay with it, interact with our readers and just plain have fun." Wow !!!! This is such an honor. We do try hard to be good bloggers and we love being a member of this blogging family. Thank you Sitka and Tia. You'all are very cool.

We want to share this award with or buddies Star and Jack at Cyber-Sibes, Amici, Indy, and with my sweet cutie (wink wink) Juneau and big brother Cosmos. All of you'all deserve it too!

Okay, we hope all of you'all had a Happy ThanksGiving, are all getting well and staying well. We're gonna help mom get out the Christmas decorations today. Something about a picture needed for the cards? And she wants to go to some store to get supplies since she's now a week behind after that men-a-paws thing. Oh well, I know we'll get a treat becasue Office Depot is next to PetSmart. Hawoooooo. Healthy Edibles sound good.... I can have those.

Husky Hugs and Kisses to all. MayaMarie and Missy.


Amici said...

Happy Thanksgiving MayaMarie and family!! That turkey sure looks good. Your humans are so kind to you and even let you have some! Sounds yummy!!

Thank-you so much for our award. We really have enjoyed getting to know you and the other other dog bloggers out there. And, we tell EVERYONE that your human makes the best pup recipes. :) You all are the best!

We hope your human Mom starts to feel better very soon. That must have been scary. We're glad you figured out what was wrong and hopefully will have more better days to come.

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Hi my pretty lady! Hope you & yur family had a Happy Turkey Day! That turkey looks delicious. Our mommy isn't a turkey lover. She loves chicken. Mommy & daddy made chicken breast roll-ups wif stuffing & all of the fixins that goes wif the holiday dinner. It is the company & sharing that make the day even tho we didn't have a turkey. Since our girl Erin went to a 2:00 turkey dinner wif her Eric, we had dinner at our house at around 7:30. Naw, we didn't get to eat wif our family. We were in 'jail.' Stop by to read why - it was Cosi's fault!! Thanx fur awarding us wif the Be-the-Blog award. We don't get a lot of awards & it was so sweet of you. I wish we could meet, but since we live far away from each other I dream of meeting & playing (fur those dirty minds who read this - get yur minds out of the gutter - & I mean playing together wif toys, balls, etc.!!!) wif ya & meeting yur family.
Hugs & kissies,

Peanut said...

Glad your thanksgiving was good. Also it's great it was just the pills messing up your mom and she can get some new ones. We wouldn't want anything to happen to her.

Lacey said...

That turkey looks really yummy. Glad you had a good thanksgiving. I get in trouble for standing up against the counter like that.

Jack & Moo said...

woo woo, MayaMarie!
Wow, your humans let you stand up at the kitchen counter? We have to keep all 4 paws on the floor in that room!
Our house had a big bird cooked up too - it smelled sooooooooo delicious! And we got some on our food, along with a few other treats. We've decided we like Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, THANKS to you for GIVING us an award! We're glad you like our blog, we like yours. Amici said it best - we enjoy getting to know dogs with blogs too.

Hope your mom feels better soon. She should tell those men to stop pausing & move along.

wooos & arooos,
Star & Jack

Lorenza said...

Hi, MayaMarie
Glad you had a great thanksgiving. I love that picture of you looking at the turkey! Sure it was yummy!
Sure I hope your mom is feeling better now! Take care of her!
Have a good night

Katherine and Pippa said...

I still think you are very beautiful, especially standing up waiting for your turkey.

And I am not very old you know. Well, I don't know how old I am. I am very sad. I am curling up on my sofa and hiding my face in my paws.


Indy said...

You look so cute watching your mom get the turkey ready! I'm sorry your mom had a reaction, I hope she is better now! Congrats on the award!

Bama said...

Happy Thanksgiving grrrls!
Our mom hasn't gotten out the Christmas stuff yet, but she has been working on our card all day. Now she said she's gotta go back to the puter store for different paper & labels, she was surprised how big the DWB list was! Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!
Bama & the RHP

Kapp pack said...

Glad to hear it was nothing serious with your mom. You are soo lucky to get some turkey. Mom and Dad didn't bring any home from Doma's house for us!

Puppy slurps, Canyon

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Thanks so much for all the prayers and thoughts. The boys are all doing well in their new homes & O still have my Mona with me. I am better and have gone back to work.

God Bless....the Mommy

The Daily Echo said...

Poor Mom! We hope she's feeling better. We got a bird on Thanksgiving too. We asked Mom if we can put the parakeets in there next time. She said no.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, your turkey looks amazing! I wish I could have tasted it. How was your healthy edible? I like those too.