Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Missy's Report: Someone's In Trouble!

Arooo our furry friends! This is Missy and I'm reporting in. What is Santa gonna think? I keep telling MayaMarie to be nice. Does she listen? Noooooo. Her stocking is gonna be empty if she keeps this up. And I got it all right here. I had my trusty camera with me. Mom needs to know what goes on when she leaves the room.
First of all, Dad was supposed to be "watching the dogs". Mom tells him, "Please keep watch on MayaMarie while I go upstairs to take a shower." How hard is that I ask you? Well, just see for yourself. Does this look like he's watching the dog verision of Dennis the Menace? Noooooo. He tells me to keep an eye on MayaMarie. Like she's gonna listen to me.
Well, here she is, trying to act like she's just looking at the lights on the tree. Yeah, right.

Then she got up real close to it. I told her not to get that close. It's just for looking. Be a good girl and just walk away.
And what does she do next you ask? She puts one of the little while polar bears in her mouth. I said "ruff ruff ruff." But did she listen? No. I had to get really loud when she took it off the tree to get Dad's attention. He came in the room to see what was going on and started telling me to "be quite, don't let your mamma hear, or we'll all be in trouble." Well, da-ruff...... Or coruse, he had to chase her twice around the house with this little white polar bear because MayaMarie thinks chasing her while she does zoomies with a prize is great fun.

And this is where she ended up. Dad told me I did good job and that we have to keep her out of trouble. She pouted like this until Mom came downstairs. When she asked why was MayaMarie in her crate? I of couse started ruff ruffing. Dad told her that it was okay and nothing much happened, but to check her camera, because Missy seemed to be very busy by the tree.
Oh my furry friends, I was set up. This is so not fair. Dad was supposed to be watching me. How is this my fault? That little white polar bear is so cute and he fit just right in my mouth. I gotta get that camera away from Missy. Hmmmmm. Where is my masked hero? I need to be rescued.
Well, I hope this incident was caught in time and that Santa will understand that MayaMarie was stopped before something bad happened. I have to get her back on the nice list.
Husky Hugs, Missy and MayaMarie.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Missy
Yes, it was not Maya's fault! Your dad was in charge!!! Hope the punishment doesn' last too much!
Have a good night

sharkgila said...

Ow, that is not fair! The polar bear was too cute! (Hehe, next time try again when Missy is distracted.)


Katherine and Pippa said...

We like your tree. Mistress has some polar bear ornaments too, but I don't think she is putting them up this year. I don't eat tree ornaments. They are not plastic.

I could wag them off with my tail though or boundaround next to the tree.


Peanut said...

It's all your dad's fault. Yeah Santa will believe that won't he?

Urban Smoothie Read said...

u got a really lovely white christmas tree...

i juz gotta traditional green one

Princess Eva and Brice said...

Good job Missy! Why is it we dogs have to do the work that the humans are supposed to do? We think that MayaMarie still might have time to get on Santa's nice list yet, but only with a lot of help from you! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

The Daily Echo said...

Don't worry MayaMarie! Santa Paws has a special list....just for Sibes! It has different qualifications for making the nice list than the regular list does. He understands that we're....different.

Jake of Florida said...

Hi MayaMarie,

We were addressing a Christmas card, and since we haven't met, we thought we'd stop to see who is behind that pretty name. So it's you -- definitely a pretty girl to go with the name.


Jake and Just Harry

Bama said...

Howroo grrrls,
Don't worry Missy, we think Echo's got it right, there is a special list for huskies cause we have our own special set of rules. & Lorenza & Peanut & Maya are all also right, it's DADDY's fault, obviously! Maybe Santa will bring you both your own little polar bear, then you won't have to steal the ones on the tree.
Bama & the RHP
Thanks for the good vibes, things aren't right yet, but looking up for our BoogieBoy, check our newest post.

Anonymous said...

You were FRAMED! I think someone put that ornament in your mouth and said that you took it from the tree.

Lacey said...

That is so not fair! They shouldn't put fun polar bear toys at mouth level if they didn't want you to take them. And Missy should be in jail with you - nobody likes a tattle tail!
Comet and BLU

Amici said...

That was a great story about you! We smiled and laughed at the part when you made your human Dad chase you around. That must have been comical (sp?).

Glad the polar bear was saved. Maybe you thought that ornament was on there just for you?

Good job Missy keeping a watch out!

We're nominating this post as the post of the MONTH for the DWB site. :)

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Hi MayaMarie,
How's my girl? Aren't sisters/brothers annoying! Us younger ones do try to be good, but if we are given the chance or are bored, look out! Yur daddy should have been watching out that you were not bored, & I know that you were just checking out yur pretty tree & decorations, right?!? Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while. Mommy hasn't felt up to blogging this past week. She's been a little down. She vented a little on our blog today. Want to help tear up the 2007 calendar at the end of this year cuz we can all start fresh for 2008?
Wuv & kissies,

Jack & Moo said...

Wooos, MayaMarie!

What a pretty white
tree you have. I would find all those stuffies irresistable, and would spend all of Christmas in doggie jail. Next time you steal a bear, be sneakier. Of course, the fun part really is when they try to get it back, isn't it? Zoooom- zooom- zooom!


Good job, Missy. It's tough to keep those young ones in line. I just give em a correction nip.


Hana said...

Hey, when the parents leave stuffies out, what do they expect? :-)